Selling Stuff Online is a Hassle

I decided to sell my old, ancient laptop on craigslist and posted it last night. I've had five responses since 11pm last night, which is great. So, I replied to the first guy that I would give him first dibs and when would he like to see it? So far I have heard nothing. The next two in line are ready to pounce today and tomorrow. I am not sure what to do. It's first come first serve, I can't be waiting forever for the first dude to reply. He did not give me any contact info other than his email address.

Oy! The decisions. One guy is local and needs it for school, but wants to give me $20 less. The other guys is not local but apparently wants it today. I think I am under no obligation to wait for this dude who has not replied. I am going to call the one guy that gave me his number and see if he wants it today. There. done. I feel bad for #1 and #2 but #1is too slow and #2 wants to offer me $20 less. I have a #5 that wants to offer me $20 more but I'll have to convince to hubby to drive 15 minutes east from his office to deliver it.

Someone magically put the money in my hands and take this thing from me, already. I have no patience.


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