We Lost Our Dog in Our House

This by far was my stupid moment of the weekend - possibly the month. I get home last night from living, eating, and breathing Ashtanga all weekend, and was not greeted by Nikki in her normal fashion (running up to me, jumping on me, trying to give me kisses). The Hubby tells me that he hasn't seen Nikki for a while and goes outside to see if she is out there. I go upstairs; I look in the crates in the bedroom. No Nikki. I open the guest bedroom door (which is connected to the other bath and bedroom) she doesn't come out. Hubby does the same, checks all the bedrooms and calls her name. Nothing. I check the back gate and it is not completely closed - she could probably squeeze her butt through the space (she has been known to squeeze through spaces leaving her fur attached).

This is where the freak out begins. I conclude that she has left the yard and is off gallivanting, in harm's way. We get in the car, drive around, calling her name out the windows (I felt somewhat foolish, but I was more concerned about finding my girl), to no avail. We end up driving around twice only to decide we needed to go on foot to the park close by to see if she was sniffing around in there. Hubby insists (to my dismay) he needs warmer clothing to walk around - I myself would have gone out to look for her in my underwear, I was that worried. Tears were beginning to well up at this point. I go inside with him to put on different shoes and I hear a bark - sounds like her. Hubby thinks she is at the front door - I run out there, once again call her name and whistling. No Nikki. I go back inside and there she is! She had been in the guest bedroom the whole time.

Yeah. I was and still am feeling a little stupid.

All 10 Fingers are Intact

But barely. I am now a believer of no practice on moon days after yesterday (Sunday was a full moon).

Starting Friday at 6pm through to 7pm Sunday, I had about 16 hours worth of yoga - either practice or discussion. Let me tell you I am pooped and have gained some serious non-attachment to moving onto second series. Generally, I like to jump in head-first and am an over achiever, but this stuff just seemed like more that I ever wanted to do with my body. Towards the end of the Sunday morning practice I had come to the realization that primary series with extra backbends is all I need. Really. I don't need to get my leg behind my head. I don't need to do Karandavasana. If the more I practice, I end up getting given second series postures, fine. But I am in no hurry to move on. I am fine with perfecting Primary Series for many years.

As far as the fingers go, during jumping into bakasana from down dog (which I had some success with, actually. I landed it twice) one attempt I rolled to the side after an almost land and bent back my left pinky finger. It hurt but it wasn't horrible. Fast forward about 20 minutes and we get to "floating" into tittibhasana (firefly) and on the first attempt, I land hard and bend back the right pinky finger. This time, it took about 5 minutes before I was sure I hadn't broken anything. It was sort of numb so while I could move it, I knew there was the potential that I did some serious damage. Today they are both fine, though bending the finger backwards results in some discomfort. I thank my pinkies or their resiliency. It was after last crash landing that I pretty much checked out of the rest of second series practice.

Considering all this, I had a great weekend of practice and learning with David Swenson. He is a very humorous fellow - lots of great stories and impersonations. But more importantly, he reaffirmed alot of thoughts I had about yoga and Ashtanga, as well as answered question I had, not so much about the physical practice, but about life, in general, and putting things into perspective. As far as my practice goes, I think this workshop is going to allow me to let go of this lingering thoughts that make me feel less self-worth or less achievement. He drove him the idea of conserving energy in this practice - that it's not about showy transitions and flying around, using more energy than necessary. I had thought the same thing for a while. That not being able to do a touchless jumpback is not an indicator of my level of practice. God and/or the Universe is not going to love me more because I can get my leg behind my head. And that we do yoga because it makes us feel good - if it doesn't, then we should change the way we practice or we shouldn't be doing it at all.


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