Again, I Am Not Cool

Growing up, I was rarely the kid that had the new cool thing that every kid must have to be considered "cool." Things like those crazy MC Hammer pants or the Nike Air sneakers that if they did say "AIR" under the Nike, well, they just were cool. Thankfully, that period of assessing people's worth via materialistic retarded things ended with college. Sort of. It still exists via things like "how big is your house", "what care you drive", "is that a Louis Vuitton bag?" but it's less in your face since there are more important things to attend to like your family, your job, your health. etc.

This weekend, however, I noticed that it is alive and well in the yoga community. Sort of. A nicer version of it.The saving graces are that generally (a) yoga is about not judging, so you really should fight any urge to define yourself via material things, nor should you desire material possessions that are extraneous, (b) products yogis are addicted to are usually positive, like organic, vegetarian, or "green", At the end of the 2nd day of the workshop, they raffled off what is the latest "cool thing you must have" to help reduce the number of plastic water bottles living in our landfills for eternity.

A Sigg water bottle.

They picked the name, announced it like "Now so-and-so has her/his very own Sigg bottle!", like it was some kind of right of passage or something. As they showed the bottle, I looked around the rest of the class to see that 90%+ of the people that had water bottles had one of these nifty metal ones. Did you know they are like $25? There were maybe 3 or 4 out of the 80 people with plastic ones (like the Nagalene variety). I was one of those people. And do you know it was like a flashback to high school when I didn't have cool sneakers? I felt like some kind of newbie/impostor with my plastic, low-class water bottle.

The ridiculous thing was that I had a Sigg bottle 6 years ago from Sierra Trading Post - it was a biking one so drinking from it was not ideal - the flow was slower (good for bikers who shouldn't have to take a cap off and then have the water flow be too fast). I probably donated it because I haven't seen it in years (last time I remember seeing it was in the trunk of my long-gone 2000 Acura Integra). I guess I was cooler back then.


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