Come Buy My Useless Crap!

We've decided to have a yard sale. It'll be the first I've ever had on my own (we crashed our friends' sale when they were selling their house a while back). If you don't count when I was 6 or 7 and sold old pens and lemonade with my best bud out on the corner of our street. I have no idea what possessed us to sell my parents' used writing implements for pocket change. Anyway. Because of my mild, self-diagnosed OCD, I have spent way too much time since the decision mentally going through our house, picking things to sell. It's like, it would be fun to just sell everything. I've contemplated about half of our perfectly good furniture. It's become something in my head that I must round up as much crap as possible and sell it. Hubby suggested we sell the house (I imagine he was kidding). That would be the ultimate showcase piece, no? But I'm thinking we wouldn't have any takers at 450K. And I am firm on that one (seeing as that is what we owe. Nice.).

I am looking forward to making some moola on this venture. Moola that will be applied to my latest plan. My brain has latched on to the idea of getting rid of ALL DEBT that doesn't include the 1st and 2nd mortgage. I have been saving like a fiend the last 6 months, but I thought about it (and read some of Dave Ramsey's shpeil. I agree with him about half the time, but think he is a little wacko with some stuff, like never using credit cards. I need my Amex bonus points, dammit), and we're sitting around with two car loans and two student loans. Why keep this debt? It's costing more than we get in interest on the saved money. Thus far, I've saved about 6 months worth of salary and I think that's enough for an emergency fund. For now. The extra is going to be used to pay off the cars and our education debt. Roughly 28K. Turns out my Sallie Mae loan is the biggest blood-sucker of them all. I have already ranted about student loans before so I will spare you the boredom. Like you weren't bored already, reading this. Anyway. That is the evil plan. I am itching to lay down the first chunk on my car - I probably think about it daily. Several times a day (this and the yard sale). It's like a fix or something. I paid off my smallest student loan last month and now I am addicted. It's the OCD. I'm telling you. I have it.

Putting a small wrinkle in my aggressive debt eradication plan is Rusty. Without fail, each monthly vet visit is $150 minimum. And we are getting nowhere. Fast. The latest idea is a month long of antibiotics. I am game for this since he seems to do best while on them, but at $4 a day, that sure adds up. If it ends up working, okie dokie. Hunky dory. But if this doesn't, I'm not sure where to go next. Bleeding, swollen paws all the time doesn't seem like a good way to live. It may be he is just too old to fight off whatever this thing is. Going on month number 5 of this ailment, it really seems hard to believe that it's ever going to clear up. Poor Rusty. He is not thrilled either, though he has figured out how to get the cone off his head at least 50% of the time. He is like Houdini, that dog. Then he gets to lick to his heart's content - which is exactly what he is NOT supposed to do. Which he knows, but does anyway He has even taken to sneaking upstairs to his crate around 8pm without the cone to go lick (we give him a break from the cone while we can watch him). We are on to him though, and now close the bedroom door. It is feeling like a losing battle.

Practice the last few times has been pretty good. Yesterday and today I was able to balance in handstand for a few seconds. Like a breath or two. That is progress. I still need the wall, losing that part is eons away. I touched fingers again in Mari D yesterday. This morning, I was helped (they don't give you much time to try it on your own - it's like 10 seconds and then someone is grabbing your arm and pulling you into it). But with one pull of the first arm, I was able to reach around with the other and grab my hands - without help. Crazy shit, that Marichasana D. If it weren't for that effing Supta Kurmasana, I might have had this primary series in the bag in a couple months. The other area of small progress with the jump back. It doesn't exist, however, today I had several occasions where I was able to plant my hands and shuffle my feet through. With short arms and a long torso, I am definitely fighting an uphill battle with transitions. I think it'll be doable, but boy will I need to break my ass to get there. I also had a fleeting moment of lift-off in mayurasana - the variation with legs in lotus and fingers pointing forward. I let out a tiny, tiny squeal - not enough for anyone to notice but me. I couldn't help myself, it was exciting.

I hope you found this post exciting. Right. Happy Hump-Day.


  1. i am ocd about dave's's great...but just when we get close to paying off a car we end up needing a new one...i'm aiming for my car next...just 18 months to go...don't feel so bad about your student was a better investment than any house you could ever buy...i'll be paying mine off for the next 21 years...and i don't give a was worth it...


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