Meeting David Swenson in Less Than 3 Hours!

I'm happy to report that the friggin' laptop is off my hands. Finally. No more dealing with non-committal spammers. Now it's just a matter of getting through the eBay sale of my old Coach bag (though part of me wants to sell some items on eBay that I think won't be appreciated for their true value at the yard sale - like expensive pet car seat covers that I bought for my Mini Cooper that didn't fit because the driving the Mini Cooper is like driving around in a thimble - which I loved, btw. I miss that car.).

I did about 1/50th of the garage organizing that is needed this week, but just that little bit of effort turned out some interesting things. The bonus was the discovery of a mug full of change belonging to the previous owners in the shelving above the washer and dryer. Windfall! The previous owners are no longer in this hemisphere so I am not going to be returning it to them. Ha! Aside from this unexpected booty amounting to around 13 bucks, was an inordinate number of canisters of cleaning solutions. Three different types of Pledge with varying amounts left over (not like same brand, bulk from Costco that they didn't manage to finish off). Like, why do you need this much Pledge? I mean, if the house was wall-to-wall polished solid wood, I might see the need. But there isn't a single strip of hardwood (much to my dismay) in this house, and every other piece of wood is painted white not stained, and I don't recall the previous owners' furnishings consisting of lots of wooden items. I mean, we have more wooden items including the baby grand piano and have only one solitary canister of cheap store-brand wannabe Pledge. Then again, I have lazy slothen tendencies to let dust collect until the wood grain is unrecognizable. Maybe the wife was into polishing her furniture bi-daily (unlike my striving to be at most monthly polishing habit). Notwithstanding, I find it hard to believe one needs all this wood polish. I also found two different bottles of 409 which was more acceptable to me since it's an all-purpose cleaner. I can't use Pledge for my kitchen counters or bathroom, for crying out loud. I still have another milk crate to go through that contains what looks like solvents so who knows what the hell else I'll find. 14 bottles of toilet bowl cleaner, maybe.


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