TV Hand

I've mentioned many a time that we watch reality TV. Maybe a little too much. We've watched several (most) seasons of the Bachlorette/Bachelor, a few episodes of that newlywed show that just finished up, and last night we decided to watch Dating in the Dark. So, we've seen our fair share of reality TV dating. And we've coined a new phrase: "TV Hand".

The last Bachlorette was that chick with the Greek last name, I can't remember anymore, anyway, one of her bachelors was this guy, I think Jeremy (?) from somewhere in Texas, I think Houston. Poor guy, he was so straight-laced, clean cut, a lawyer, etc. The thing with him that The Husband and I immediately noticed was his kissing technique. He would take his hand to her face/neck area and his hand would be like a stiff board - all fingers in line together, like he was taking a 1-by-3 of lumber and just putting it up to her face. So awkward looking. Others were less obtuse with their hand.

From that point on, we started noticing that it's always the hand. Always when the smooching starts, the hand follows instantaneously. I mean, I know this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I mean, it's not like this is the one and only technique that must be used 100% of the time. Apparently, though, in reality TV dating, the guy must always use "the hand." Failure to deploy "TV hand" will result in bad kissing experience for everyone involved including the audience. Apparently. So if you're a dude reading this and are going on a reality TV dating show, make sure to give your lady "TV Hand".

Update on McAfee - they turned it off with just an email request which was good, but you know what? If I want to turn it back on - there's a link in my profile! Interesting, huh? I can turn it on self-serve but I can't turn it off. Total crapola.

Toilet is installed and working - it took a few days just because I wanted to make sure the highly porous saltillo and grout dried so that when we started using it I would see if we had a leak in the wax seal. Thus far, all looks well. I can't wait to replace the other water hogs! Tile floor is crawling along - this dang saltillo is taking forever. I'll be in menopause by the time this floor is done. Ok, I exaggerate, but still. Going on a month now and I've got maybe 1/3rd complete. Maybe. Still, I am ok with it, because it will save me 3K. Which can then be used to either pay someone to do other stuff I can't do, or put towards paying off my last student loan. Speaking of money, last thing, the County once again one-upped me on the estimate of my home value. I came up with like 388K or something (which close to Zillow's estimate, actually) and they responded with 360K. That would be... a 170K drop in value since April 2007. The good thing is I believe we've hit bottom. Finally. The number of active homes on the market in my neighborhood is quite meager - there are a slew of homes in pending status. Zillow has increased it's estimate on my house by nearly 20K in the last 3 or 4 months. I believe the worst of the housing crisis, here in San Diego, is over.


  1. ha! we caught dating in the dark last night too. i haven't noticed 'the hand'. i'm glad your toilet is working! replacing ours are on the list - we are in the same predicament...lots of water guzzlers from the 60s in our house!

  2. Of course you watch reality TV...there's nothing else one! Seriously, all we seem to be watching are nova and discovery channel these days.

    TV hand??? Hmmm...I wonder if the producers give the guys suggestions on how to kiss on camera. Like, "no slurping, and watch these All My Children clips if you want to up your chances with the girl."

    Isn't it great to have all your toilets working again?

    Here's the email:

  3. I'm glad the toilet is working and the tile is crawling along.

    Actually, now that I am typing really have no business watching ANY TV...let alone reality TV. You have waaay to much shtuff to do.

    But "The Hand" is pretty funny. I am pretty sure that is never done in real life.

  4. The hand! I was JUST noticing it myself. I think men think this gesture is really "romantic" cup her face, etc. They probably HAVE to do it to keep their hands from wandering OTHER know?


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