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So, a few months back the Husband replaced the "shitter-seat" (his words, not mine - though, I kinda wish I came up with that name myself - though everytime I hear the word "shitter" I immediately think of the Griswald Family Christmas). Soon, though, it wil be time to replace the entire "shitter" with an Earth-friendly model. Currently, our toilets are circa-1987, water guzzling mo-fos that take 18 million years to fill up after you have flushed. I am rather excited to be replacing it - yay, for a new toilet!

Why now? Well, I had two tiling route choices: march down the hallway to the kitchen leaving the bathroom in its sorry state, or take a two-day detour into the downstairs bathroom, replace the toilet and finally have a floor in the bathroom rather than this botched-looking mess of halfway removed tile behind and underneath the existing toilet. The kitchen can wait, I think. It'll be like Dave's Ramsey's debt snowball, with my bad debt being unfinished flooring. Smallest debts first and luckily the bathroom is quite small and should be quick. Won't say painless though. I've never replaced a toilet in its entirety before - I've always just temporarily removed the existing toilet and put it right back wtih a new wax ring. I have no idea what's going to go down (ha!) when we install the innards of the tank. Hopefully the Husband will have some toilet flusher-contraption assembly and installation skills.


  1. Yikes.

    I always think of "Christmas Vacation" when we have to empty the septic on our camper. "Shitters full" we always, always say without fail on every stinking camping trip!

    So will Dave let you finish tiling the kitchen too?


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