Ok with the Prodding

Girly Stuff is a prodder, I think. Three comments on the last post - I think she wants me to come out of my blog hole and write something.

What can I say - I have had a strange year. Two new jobs in 3 months. Each time I start a new job, it seems to suck up all my mental energy for a little while as I acclimate. I seem to pick up stuff fast on the job, but it does drain me to the point where when I come home, the most I can manage is physical labor or watch mindless TV like The Bachelorette (which, by the way, I will shamelessly admit to enjoying each week). I tried to keep up with reading the 20+ blogs in my Google Reader and I can't even do that well. I am behind, though I am sure at some point I will catch up again, like I usually do.

In case you were on the edge of your seat about my other half, he is still unemployed with no leads. The job market sucks like a Hoover. Unemployment is finally coming in regularly which is good - at least we can save most of that. When that runs out, he'll have to find something even if the pay is crappy and the job is not great because as it stands we can't get ahead on my salary alone and I am not someone that likes to live paycheck to paycheck. It's not viable, long-term.

Anyway, physical labor. I've been tiling and I forgot how easy it is, and well, fun. The saltillo has been a bit tedious, though - before I can lay them, the Husband hoses them down. I wait a day or two for them to mostly dry out, then I apply 3 coats of sealer (1-2 more days). After that, I finally get to laying them. So, you can imagine, I am not that far along. I started sometime last week - I've done about 60 square feet, and about 50 of it is grouted. I decided to grout right away to help the stability of the tile. Saltillo is not known for great durability, the grout adds to its strength and I didn't want to be walking around on ungrouted saltillo for several weeks (months?) - didn't seem like a good idea.

In case you are chomping at the bit (if I'm being linguistically correct, "champing at the bit", which just sounds weird to me, but apparently, is "proper") to see them, I flickr-ified my photos.

Saltillo Tile Set





  1. I'm a proud prodder! My future teenage sons do not stand a chance with me.

    I am loving the saltillo tile! It does seem pretty tedious...I admire your patience to do it right.

    Glad your job is going well. At least husband has wiggle room. You guys will catch up with savings eventually.

  2. The tiles are looking very professional. That's something I'll have to do soon, so I'm looking at examples...The bathroom is getting very sad-looking and needs some improvement.

  3. Hey now that is a real skill! And it looks so beautiful and warm. Should we dare take on tiling an upstairs bathroom? What do you know about that?

    Yes, she's a prodder. Shamelessly so. Always has been.

  4. Oh your tiles are bee-yu-tiful!

    (What do yo know about tiling an upstairs bathroom and laying out cement board?)

    Yes, she's a prodder. Shamelessly so. Always has been!

  5. Why won't it let me leave a comment here? Am I going crazy?


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