I am not a Regular Expression.. (Or am I?)

I just got finished messing around with regular expressions which is like learning a whacked out programming language that just looks like a semi-random wad of punctuation with some letters and numbers sprinkled here and there. I would love to meet someone who can just recognize a pattern of characters and immediately give me the regex expression that matches it. That would be very Rain Man. Nerd Super-Power.

So, I've been sleeping like crap lately and it's entirely my husband's fault. Indirectly. He's been away visiting his family in PA since Thursday and though my parental units came over for the weekend to keep me company, I've had two nights since Thursday where I was lucky to get 4 hours of sleep and last night was one of them. I just don't sleep well alone anymore. Unfortunately, tomorrow I get to wake up before the ass-crack of dawn (4am) to catch a flight for a one-day trip to Oakland for work (not exactly a thrilling location). Feh. Did I mention I am not BFFs with flying? It's Southwest on a 737, so hopefully the fuselage stays intact at 34,000 feet.

Onward with the disjointed, regex-like format of this post, I need a haircut. It's been over a year since my last one and I think I want to just chop off like 6 inches or so. The problem is where to go. I have a recommendation from a former coworker and I always liked the cuts she got from her stylist, however, I am in El Cheapo mode. She charges $55 for a cut (which is like $65-70 including tip). It's not exorbitant, but it ain't a bargain by any stretch. I was really hoping to stay in the $40-50 range, total. So my question to you: do I (a) risk looking like a circus-freak with an unknown to save 20-30 bucks, or (b) suck it up and pay the piper for a haircut I know won't be shitty. The downside to option (a) is that I may end up looking like a blind-woman on NoDoze cut my hair. The potential upside, though, is I could find an great stylist that saves me cashola (should I ever get out of super-frugal mode and go back to highlights/weave, I won't have to sell my ovaries on the black market to afford it). Thoughts?


  1. I say go with the more expensive haircut because you only go once a year!

    Even if you upped it to 2x a year, you are still doing good.

    And then just don't ever get highlights because this will enter you back into "The Cycle" and you don't need all that.

    I have to bribe my oldest kiddo to sleep with me when husband is out of town so that his side of the bed is "weighted" down. Then I sleep. Toss a dog over there tonight.

  2. I agree with Girly Stuff - since you only get your hair cut once a year, it's worth the splurge!!! Be sure to take before and after pictures!

  3. Also if you go the cheapo route you're running the risk of hating it and needing to get it recut or cut sooner than you would if you'd just spent the money for the pricier cut.

    We're not really helping you with your El Cheapo mode are we?

  4. I went el cheapo recently and regretted it. I had to get it fixed and spent the extra time, money, frustration....

    I say go with the sure cut, but keep asking around. I think you can still get a decent cut for $40 plus tip...surely!? But what do I know? I am the cheapest person you know.

  5. Oooh. Cheap haircuts are never good. I did that several times in college and looked like lop-eared poodle. Luckily, I have a friend who is a hair-dreser and he cuts me a deal.

  6. Alright, you guys have convinced me. I will go with the "known good haircut." The prospect of having to spend more fixing it is what is scaring me into just paying up now :o)


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