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..since I bitched about something with a while being like 12 hours or something, but anyway, I'm really peeved at the moment. If you have a PC, most likely you are running some flavor or Windows. And Windows offers about as much security as handing your money over to Bernie Madoff. It's a good idea to have virus control software (though I have gone without it for stretches of time and once been bitten). So I have McAfee on the laptop that is running both Windows and Ubuntu (linux), dual-boot (meaning, at start-up I can either choose to load Windows or Linux). I wasn't sure if I was going to renew my anti-virus this year it just because we can get by using Linux, alone. It's doable. In fact, we have the Mac Mini so, really, we are good with computer options. I get this email today from McAfee that I have been signed up for "Auto-Renew". You know, where they just automatically charge you.

I don't like that auto-renew business unless it's something like domain names where if you forget to renew the domain name, someone snatches it up. You Snooze you lose. Everything else? Don't auto-renew my subscription - I like to have control over my purchasing choices. Anyway, so I go online to TURN THAT SHIT OFF and wouldn't you know? I can't. "Oh, you want to turn auto-renew off? Contact Customer Service." Really. So I go to my profile, there is my credit card info that they stored and... can't delete it. They are fuckers. This is horseshit, if you'll excuse my French. You don't sign people up automagically and then not give them the ability to turn it off. It's enough that you make me to log in to the site to attempt to turn it off and now you are making me contact Customer Service?

I sent Customer Service an email asking them to turn it off. If they make me call, they are going to get my opinion on this business. I know we're all hurting, economically, but this is not a good route to get consumers to buy your crap. This just turns me off McAfee - makes me want to go running to Symantec, or BETTER YET not use an operating system that sucks.


  1. Directv does that too. If you sign up for the NFL package (which I love), it's an auto-renew feature. I didn't know that until the second year when I did want it, I was already being charged for it before I made the conscious decision to spend the money. I was a bit irked. So fast forward two years later I decided to crunch a few expenditures and reluctantly went to cancel it - online. Nope, had to call in to get it done. And I think they purposely make the wait time extra long because people will change their minds in the meantime. I really do. I almost did. I hated to cancel it, but figured the extra moolah would be helpful. Auto-renew or auto-bill-take-yo-money-and-run shit stinks.

  2. I hate it too. What a scam!

    Give'em a piece of you mind chacha!

    If you don't have auto renew they have a feature that pops a window up every 30 minutes asking you to renew that won't go away until you physically close it. It was all over my monitors in the operatories.

  3. Yes, BS! "Let's make it as inconvenient as possible for you to cancel and while you listen to 20 min of recording (telling you what a valued customer you are) you can add extra services at the push of a button."

    Didn't the good folks over at Girls Gone Wild get busted for the same thing a few years back?

    I wonder if your credit card company will allow you to just dispute the charge.

    Let us know how you stick it to them right back.


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