What's Cheaper Than Miller Lite?

Because Lord knows I will need to be drinking, and, well, it has to be cheap because I am one of the 600,000+ this year, that have been laid off due to this shitty-ass economy.

It has been an interesting day. I knew on Friday that we were going to have an "All Hands" meeting today and figured it could be the end of the road. My (former) company ended up laying off nearly 70% of its employees - and its future is questionable. The few people left figure they have maybe 2 or 3 months before it is over for them as well. Basically, certain people were told, quietly, not to go to the meeting and when I heard that, I knew I was gone. At least I had about 15 minutes of advance notice to gather myself. It was a massacre. Essentially, it went: "all the people in this room are being let go." Misery does love company but it sucks like a Dyson. California is in the crapper, people. And San Diego is the area that has the lowest unemployment rate - we're supposed to be happy to have only 7.5% instead of 9.4%. They had better not pull the IOU on unemployment benefits.

The last time I was laid off was in 2002, and the first time in 2001 when the dot-com bubble burst. I was a WRECK the first time I got laid off. Bawling - gasping type of craying - I was less than a year out of school with no real savings or experience so I was freaked out. This time I held my shit together - sort of. I mean, there were tears, but I wasn't bawling my eyes out. I did mention that I'd be going home and crying my eyes out, so lunch plans would need to be later in the week. You can't say I ain't honest.

On the way home, talking to my husband through tears, I was sitting at a light (or rather, in line for the light) and would you believe that someone REAR-ENDED me? I nearly lost my mind at that point. Thankfully, he only left very small scratches on my bumper (not even a dent), so I didn't even bother getting his information because I seriously could not even deal at that point. I was crying and told him I just lost my job so he probably felt like shit for bumping me. I did get his license plate number in the event that something does come out of it (I hope it doesn't - I can live with some minor scratches). I feel like I have the luck of the non-Irish today. At that point I was asking God just to get me home alive because I had enough for the day. I'm wondering if I should wait until tomorrrow to deposit my last pay check (for whatever reason, they issued live checks).

I hope the rest of you are having a better day...


  1. I am so sorry to hear this news. I hope you are able to find something soon!

  2. Oh my god.....this could not have happened to a nicer person. I just read my comment on my blog and I'm so so sorry. I hope that it all works out and ends up being a better result in the end. I have full faith that you will do everything in your power to do the correct things to put yourself in the best possible situation imaginable. However...why do these things happen to the people that have their heads screwed on correctly instead of the assclowns that have messed everything up?? Gah...I hate our current economy with the heat of ten thousand hell's.

    Every day I walk into work and I send a prayer to God thanking him. And yet....God is not responsible for this economic mess...is he??


  3. You hang in their Chacha! You have a ton of experience. Good references. Your smart. You can freelance. You could be based out of another city as a consultant. You could do custom blog layouts for 90 dollars a pop. You could tile. You could teach Yoga full time. You could do personal yoga lessons for the rich and famous out there.

    And now you can blog all day.

    And when you come to Houston, lunch is on me!

    And I will be praying for you! That you find a new job swiftly. That you can organize your finances to give yourself peace. And that you won't worry but have faith that God is going to take care of you! He's done it twice before, He will do it again!

  4. Hands down, you get shittiest week...and its only Tue (or Monday, actually.) That's going to be hard to top, Chacha. Not that I want to.

    That really sucks! I'm sorry.

    Let's see, cheaper than Miller Lite is Miller High Life, and as I recall, acceptably drinkable.

  5. Ballsack, that sucks! At least the weather is getting better?

  6. Weather is slightly better, though last night it HAILED. That is weird for Southern California. It's 59 in my house but I am dealing because I want to save $$$ on heating bills.

  7. Bless your sweet heart! That is the mother of all bad days. But my dad always tells me "When someone rear ends you, grab your neck and fall out with your wallet in you hand." Of course he's kidding, kind of. :)

    Hope things start looking up soon.

  8. Chacha, I am a victim of the construction fall-out so I totally get what your saying. I'm actually from just up the road from you so I can relate. That is why Kahuna and I are in Moaningtana right now. The recession came a little slower up here. Although it is happening.

    Sorry you lost your job. Hey, Chin UP TITS OUT!

  9. That really sucks and I'm sorry. The only thing that could make it worse at this point would be the headache you're going to get from drinking cheap ass beer. So maybe you should try wine?

    Now I'm wondering if it's OK to joke? Because I really am sorry that you're having to live the suck right now.


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