Perhaps a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Holy Smokes. I don't "officially" have the sales price of the neighbor's house as it isn't posted on the county assessor's site yet, but Zillow has suddenly upped the "Zestimate" of the neighbor's house from $358K to $410K. No mention from Zillow that it recently sold, though. Surely they didn't pull this number out of their collective asses because just yesterday, it was 50K less. Zillow knows something and I'll bet it's that the house sold for 410K. While this number still results in my being in a state of upside-down-ness, it's not as bad as was previously thought. Instead of being 74K underwater, we are 41K underwater. I can stomach a number over 400K better than something in the 300Ks (when we paid in the 500Ks). That's not to say it can't fall more, but, well, I'm hoping we've bottomed out over here - home values have been falling since summer of 2006 (nearly 3 years of contraction).

On to the doors. Looks like, logistically, option one or a slider are the only routes that will work. I was looking at the wall where the slider is now and it won't be possible to open both doors up, fully, if we went with the double french doors (option two). On the one side, the door would hit the TV stand which isn't too bad, I could probably deal with that, but the bigger problem is on the other side. If we were to open the door all the way, nearly half the door would block the dishwasher. If the doors is open half way, then it blocks the pathway into the kitchen from the family room. Out-swing doors are not really an option as they require some amount of concrete footing coverage (which we do have but it's questionable if it would be to code) and I think it's special order - most exterior doors (if not all) in stock are in-swing. Really, the only two options are the first door or a slider. Kind of a bummer that I can't pick double doors, but, good that my decision has been made for me without too much hemming and hawing.

One last thing. Has anyone really tried the whole eating Activia yogurt for 2 weeks business? Does it really work? I'm on day 4 in an attempt to get my digestive system back in order. Ever since the holidays, I have been a regular trumpet over here. If it were just benign air, that would be one thing, but it was far from benign (very far). Anyway, my rear has been surprisingly silent and benevolent to the outside world this week. I am wondering if this Activia really is working! Perhaps I had some missing bifidus regularis! I hate buying expensive stuff (it's like $2.50 for 4 little containers of yogurt) but it appears to be working for me, so I might have to suck up the expense and keep on with it...


  1. bummer that the french doors won't work. at least with the slider doors you can have a lot of light come in - so while it is taking up a lot of wall space, it sill can act as a light source.

    i have tried the activia thing. i didn't have much success with it, but if it's working for you, go with it!

  2. I like either of those 2 options. As long as you never ever ever ever get vertical blinds to go over the new sliding door!

    I've not tried the Activia, but I was totally thinking about you today when I had the toots at work.

    And I'm hoping that house was at least 410K!

  3. Can it be that your house is moving up in value again? I don't want to jinx you, but...that sounds like good news.

    I have bought Activia recently because the coupons have been everywhere for 2 or 3 months. Yes, it does seem to get things moving. And I'm seeing the bifidus in other things too. Most notably, wheat bread.

  4. the you find time to do so much work on your house? Seriously. I'm in amazement. I can barely clean the dishes. I realized why I wasn't seeing you update your blog - it dropped from my follow list it added now though. :)


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