Is a Bird in the Hand Really Worth Two in the Bush?

And what if you have 3 or 4 in the bush? So I have an offer, the official letter, and I need to respond by Monday, the 16th. It's a contract position for 6 months with the option to continue 3 months or full-time after that, and, well, stability is an issue, not to mention the money is slightly less than what I am making now factoring benefits and the fact that I will have to pay my own taxes (if you are unaware about the full scope of income taxes, in W-2 employment, your employer pays half, and you pay half. As a contractor... you pay the whole kit and kaboodle). The environment looks great, through, and is the shortest commute of all the options.

I have had 2 phone interviews with actual companies both yesterday and today. They both went well though the last one I kind of told him I wasn't totally interested doing front-end work and that I have to make a decision on an offer by Monday and I am likely to accept it. He still said he would call on Monday so see where I was at. I thought that was strange. Either it was an easy way to end the conversation or he is really interested. Those two and the other one I mentioned yesterday are the 3 birds in the bush. As of late Wednesday, I stopped submitting resumes. It's possible more leads arise from the slower companies that take their time reviewing resumes. It's a bit of a conundrum but it seems that everyone I have talked to tells me to take the contract position and if it's crappy, well, it's a contract position so I don't have to stay there. Leaving contract positions are not as taboo as up and leaving a permanent position (though, if this company had the moola it sounded like they would hire me full-time).

Girly Stuff is so funny, calling me a Golden Child. In the industry I am in, software development, it is very rare to find a woman, especially an American-born with no accent. Add in that I am white, I'm a rarity. We are few and far between, so I think that in itself is intriguing for employers. And I can communicate fairly well which, with programmers, is another bonus. If I were in a different field, lets say marketing or finance or something, I probably wouldn't stand out very much. That's how I see it.

I was driving home from grocery shopping earlier (which I'm going to do more of at Trader Joe's after I finish this post and by the way, was the first cent I spent since Monday), and, as usual, I was listening to the Stern show (whatever, I think it's funny) and Robin said something like “panty-line is a no-no.” Can I tell you? Seriously? I don't give a shit about panty-line. Unless I am wearing some kind of very nice outfit, suit or dress or whatever, fine. I agree. But otherwise? I really don't care. I was sitting there thinking that everyone at the market could totally see my panty-line through my yoga pants and I really didn't give a hoot. This probably goes in-line with how I never wear make-up (except job interviews and special occasions, oh, and when Mount Vesuvius is on my face) and rarely get pedicures. Anyone else throw caution to the wind with panty-lines? Don't get be started on thongs. I hate them. I have a bunch from back when I cared more about those HORRIBLE pany-lines, but I haven't worn one in a year or more.

Alright, my freezer is nearly empty (a downright travesty) and I think I will pick up a bottle of scotch for The Husband for V-Day (V-day... when I say or hear that phrase I think of Venereal Disease Day and V-Jay-Jay Day... have no idea why. Maybe because I am a wee bit thrown off.). Have a good weekend! We should be replacing the patio door this weekend so hopefully we get that done and I will have pictures for you next week!


  1. I have never understood that saying. sounds like you got a great offer! And even if it didn't work out for the long run, at least you know there are other jobs out there. Since you are obviously an IT golden child.

    Panty lines still bother me but not enough to wear a thong. No one needs to think that much about their underwear during the day.

  2. Re: the job - wow, that was fast. Congrats. Take the contract position. If it doesn't work out, it's easy to get out of. That's one of the perks of a contract position.

    Re: panty lines - they drive me nuts. Can't stand them. I wear boy short type panties, which work well for avoiding them since there's no "V" line going up your cheek. Clingier slacks for work, I go with the thong.

    Re: Stern show - I listen every day that I drive, because I only have Sirius in the car. Sometimes I make myself extremely early for things like picking my daughter up from school, so I have an excuse to sit in the car and listen.

    My main sources of "news" are Howard Stern and Perez Hilton. Sad. I know. But it keeps me happy and sane. Or happy-ish and sane-ish.

  3. You aren't married to your job, you're just dating it. The contract job sounds like an unstable lover, so have a fling and see if anything more comes out of it.

    I don't want to give TMI, but thongs after having a baby? Hell no, my body has been through enough.

    Can't wait to see the patio doors!

  4. Hmmm, considering the market and uncertainty about the future, I would personally go for the opportunity that looks most stable, even if it pays less, looks less enjoyable, or even if it's not your core competency (this might actually be good: expand your skill-set on someone else's dime).

    I would want to know that I can get through the worst of the crisis (i.e. the next 12-18 months in my opinion) without having to go back on the market.

    Glad to know there are serious opportunities out there though....


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