New Patio Door!

We were lucky enough to avoid rain this weekend for the replacement of our back patio door. That would have been a mess had it rained at any point this weekend. It didn't last long though because it started last night, and the caulking is not yet dry and the extra molding we added to fill some gaps hasn't yet been painted, so we have a plastic sheet duct-taped to the house, covering the door (update: as I was assembling the pictures, the wind blew the plastic off the house - hopefully it's dry enough now as the plastic sheet is too full of tape to try to untangle it and rehang)

I had to teach yoga on Saturday morning and I got home to find that The Husband and his work buddy had already removed the door and were in the middle of hanging a second cabinet up on the wall in the garage – they got so much done by 10:45am (I was pretty shocked). We went out to Home Depot to get the door and supplies and I told Nikki to guard the house while there was a gaping 6 foot wide hole in the back of the house. I wasn't serious, though. At 25 pounds, she's hardly scary.

Behold the gaping hole.

Here I am with The Husband's work buddy discussing the diamond saw he would be using the trim back some of the stucco (the opening was about an inch to small due to the stucco overlapping the rough framing).

We filled the gaps with insulation foam and that stuff expands! A little goes a long way with that stuff, for sure. It started creeping down the door so we had to keep taping off areas so that the foam wouldn't get stuck to the door.

Here are some pictures of the half-finished product. In the front I had to patch a small area of stucco and we have molding still to paint, so the outside will look a we bit different. The inside will definitely look different as we have to do some creating molding to deal with the fact that the door does not sit as deep in the opening, so it's a little recessed from the inside.

Either way, at this point, it is functional, and not drafty which is more than I can say for the door we took out. Good riddance!


  1. it looks amazing!!! great work!

  2. I am amazed at people who can do house work like this. Hubs and I are....well...challenged in this area, although he's preparing to attempt some things.

  3. Looks pretty good to me! You are amazingly productive!

    Don't keep us in suspense too long about the job decision.

  4. That looks great! I did not realize the little windows on either side were also doors. Bonus!

    My husband needs friend's like your husbands. Helpers!

  5. Thinking of switching a window into a door...thanks for sharing this. I'm going to show my husband.

  6. Wow, that looks really good.

    My word verification is "norisk" as in "no risk." Does that mean something risky is about to not happen?


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