Looks like Someone has a Case of the Mondays

Very little got done this weekend thanks to the Super Bowl and, well, general laziness on our part. Didn't touch the backsplash at all [sigh], but at least I completed the repair of a large hole in the wall that remained from the slab leak back in July. The Husband did a wee bit of work, and fit a piece of drywall into the one hole in the closet, so now it's my turn to tape, float, sand, and texture it. Three holes still remain to be repaired

I got my car fixed yesterday and it turned out it wasn't the wheel bearings; it was the brakes, so it needed new pads and rotors resurfaced (since I guess the old ones created a ridge in the rotor that needed fixing). Either way, the damage of that plus oil change and air filter change was $416. I ended up putting off two maintenance items (coolant and transmission fluid replacement/flush) because I just couldn't stomach paying another $300 on top of $416 (and the mechanic dude said I could wait another 5K miles for those two things). The Husband's car will likely cause another $400 of damage with having to replace the TPS (throttle positioning sensor). Effing cars. I've never owned a car with more than 35K miles before this one, so this is kind of new to me, having to do all this maintenance. So far, since I paid off my car in June, I have spent about $600 on maintenance in addition to routine oil change and tire rotation. It's working about, so far, to be about $100 per month. I'm going to keep tracking this because I am wondering at what point does it become smarter to get a new car than continue to pay high maintenance costs. If I continue to pay out $100 per month, I think it may be questionable whether it makes sense to keep the aging car.

In the realm of cashola, we paid off the Husband's car leaving the pesky student loan as the last bugger. I did our net worth thingy and we're down again this month, but only by 2K - worlds better than previous months but crazy that I am happy about a loss. I still haven't found out what the neighbor's house sold for - I am checking the county registrar website on a daily basis (obsessed much?). It's been probably 2 weeks since they closed so I am thinking any day now...

Sorry I am so boring today, folks. Monthly Punctuation is in effect and I think it's making me "blah."


  1. I love your blog because you blog about the things I'm largely thinking about. $100 a month for maintenance is far better than the average car loan.

    Those maintenance fee's seem extreme to me. $300 for fluids? It wouldn't cost that here in Florida but perhaps that's the going rate where you are.

    The kitchen looks great.


  2. Sounds like a relaxing weekend.

    And my car will be paid off in 1 year...so I am anxious to see how long before it starts costing me a lot in maintenance. I am hoping for 4 more additional years post payoff.

    But 100 a month is better than a 400 a month payment.

  3. LOL I haven't been here in awhile and I don't know why...weird. I loved the term "monthly punctuation." I've never heard it put that way, but I like it. Can I steal?


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