If there is ever a time that vacations kind of suck is when you are in the middle of a renovation project. If only I hadn't wasted time on the "addition" idea, twiddling my thumbs, scratching my ass, waiting for the City to get back to me about the impossible permits, I might be almost done with this mess. Instead, I have just begun.

So, the having-to-leave for 4 days, means a valuable weekend of kitchen project progress is lost. And what's more unfortunate is that the in-laws are coming sometime near the end of October. Oh, Joy! Not really. But yeah, it is likely we will be without a kitchen unless we can turn on the hyper-jets and move at "Ludicrous Speed" ("Ah, buckle this! Ludicrous Speed! GO!" **). I sincerely hope we can make good progress in the next few weeks or else my patience will probably be worn paper-thin by the end of their visit. Then again, it'll mean less dishes I will get stuck washing as we won't be able to eat any big meals at our house. I can't tell you how much kitchen cleaning, dish-washing, and overall picking-up-after-people that I do when they are at our house. I tends to bring me to the edge of the cliff of Bitchy Instability. Like, Want to Bite Your Head Off When You Speak To Me. It's all I can do not to explode when no one is picking up after themselves, leaving shit everywhere, and I am in a perpetual, infinite loop of cleaning.

Perhaps I should remodel the kitchen every year... In-laws coming to town? Let's get the sledgehammer!!!

Anyway. Back to vacations. We are off to NYC so that the Husband can go see the Yankees play at Yankee Stadium since they are tearing it down after this season. The one ticket costs more than I paid for my apron sink. Like over $200 for one person. I personally think it's insanity, but, eh, what I can I do. His mind is made up. I told him it's an ugly stadium and nothing special (I've been there several times) but he has to see for himself. I'll get to visit my old pals from college and I'm totally heading to the alma mater, to see what it all looks like now. Also, I will be purchasing paraphernalia, as all my college-branded gear is now more than 8 years old. My car sticker is starting to look truly decrepit. I know. It's kind of crazy that I still have such a "thing" for my school, but, as much as I broke my ass working/studying/sorority-politicking and had depressing moments during college, it really was such a fun time in my life. The good memories always float to the top. It's one of the few decisions I have made in my life that I have not second-guessed.

More brain-dumping for you next week!

** If you are scratching your head, perplexed, at this point, that quote is "Dark Helmet" (a.k.a. Rick Moranis) from Spaceballs. Barf: "They've gone to plaid!". Yeah. I know way too much about that movie.


  1. Sorry about the mid-project distractions. My brother went to Yankee stadium in July for the same reason. See you when you get back!


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