Ack! More Home Improvement Drama!

At the urging of a coworker, after I crapped out a brick from hearing the $21,000 number for a half-done addition, I cruised around HGTV and DIY websites to see if they had any type of "casting call" type deals. Generally, there is either help in the form of designers or contractors, or there is compensation of some form that could help offset the crazy cost of this project. I found only one that kind of matched our situation. There were several that were perfect, but they required you to live near places like Minneapolis or Cincinnati. We're a bit far from there.

Friday afternoon, I sent a feeler email out with the required pictures of the house and of the Husband and I to the only show that we might qualify for, and got a response within 15 minutes. The response seemed fairly generic; it explained the premise of the show, and if I was still interested, here are forms and a phone number if I had any questions. The weekend passed, yesterday being the first working day after and I didn't reply as it just wasn't in my head and I didn't get the feeling there was urgency. Today, I get another email, that they are shooting one show up near LA in the middle of this month and want to try to shoot our project at the same time, etc, etc. Are we interested, and they need our little audition video as soon as possible.

Yikes! What did I get myself into? It sounds like fun, but 2 weeks from now to start filming? The city has until then to respond to our permit application - 20 working days from when I submitted. And, even then, I may get back a bunch of corrections that need to get done and have to re-submit. And wait again. It is not possible to be ready to go by then. End of this month is even pushing the envelope as the city has us by the "balls" so to speak.

I basically dumped my entire situation in a email to this producer I have been in contact with, and that we couldn't possibly start when they wanted us to given the fact that we are waiting on a government entity's approval and we all know that there are no fires lit under the asses of city employees. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to pay the building department a visit, see if they have any updates for this incredibly impatient woman.

I feel like this is crazy - but I think we can easily get help from friends when you throw in the "you'll be on tv" deal. It definitely has it's pluses.


  1. Exciting!!! I hope it works out in your favor!! Maybe the show can pull some strings with the permit?!?!?

  2. You go girl! I will totally DVR you! I'm sure the producer will have advice on how to push those permits must happen all the time to them...



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