Sometimes I Really Don't Get My Mother

Well, a lot of the time, really. But, generally, when it comes to money, I usually know what to expect from her. So, she called me Wednesday night, to ask about our kitchen project. As if she doesn't have enough stuff to worry about--well, she really doesn't have all that much to worry about, she is retired along with my father, but she worries about anything, including her daughter's money. I think I have it covered, but, try telling her that.

Anyway, so I tell her that the addition has been scrapped and explain the new plan. She is, of course, relieved that I won't be spending $30,000 (I have never heard of parents worrying about the finances of their grown, successful, adult children. It's unreal). What she was going to suggest was that instead of doing the addition with the money, buy a new car.


I asked, "Why would we buy a new car right now?"

"Well, don't you have one car with 100,000 miles?"

"Yeah, and another with 99,000, but they are running fine. They can likely go to 200,000."

Apparently, when your car hits 100,000 miles you should get a new one. This coming from someone who I thought was one of the most frugal people ever to be deposited on this earth. The one that only buys $1.99 bottles of wine because $2.99 per bottle is too much. Won't redo anything in the condo, stuff that I would rip out in a heartbeat if I had to live there, like 80's brown carpeting and linoleum.

The reality is, when my parents cars hit 100K miles, they are usually at least 7 or 8 years old. Or more. Our cars are 4 years old, both 2004. And while they don't run like they did when they were brand new, they certainly run perfectly fine. Haven't had a single issue with my RAV4. The only thing I notice is the pick-up/acceleration has diminished a little bit, but so what? The Sentra has had a few more hiccups, but nothing major or even bothersome. The one issue we thought was the tranny last year, hasn't come back since. I see no point in replacing them.

Also, I think my mother doesn't realize that cars are babied out here in California. Back east, in Massachusetts, you have the winters to deal with and cars take a beating. Not here.

Well, now I can say that, for some things, I am more frugal than my mother!

That is a crazy statement, right there.


  1. Too funny!

    Now you know Murphy's Law dictates that your car must now stop running!


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