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I am mostly recovered from my trip to NYC. Aside from the fact that travelling always screws up my digestive system (if you know what I mean), I had a great time and the weather was perfect. I think we brought some California with us since it was pretty much the same temperature and even low humidity.

I have to say that JetBlue is one of the better domestic airlines, in fact, best I have flown since they started getting all penny-pinching cheapskate on us consumers. I was able to watch HGTV on the way there, but, for whatever reason, HGTV was BROKEN on the way back. It was a travesty. So I watched Food Network and CNN. We sat next to this VERY INTENSE Yankee fan on the way back home. Nice guy but a little bit crazy, I think. He had that Rainman-ish quality and he was obsessed with these two hats and framed Yankee picture, he kept pulling it out and looking at it and rearranging it. When he was eight he said he ran away from home to go the Yankee Stadium. From California. And thought this was no big deal. And, apparently, he pays for season tickets every year and only goes to like two or three games (since he is out here in CA). He keeps the other tickets, never sells them. He had extra tickets for the last games at the stadium this past weekend, and didn't sell them (we're talking thousands of dollars, people). Thank Tiny-Infant-Baby-Jesus that my husband is not that insane. You have to be grateful for some things in life and mine is that my husband is not certifiably nuts.

Moving onto the house, I have to part with my black round table and chairs that were in my nook. I posted them on Craigslist, so I am dealing with that bullshit again. But they will have no place in my house anymore once we finish the kitchen. Hopefully they sell fast so the Craigslist Flakes can leave me alone. The other house-related odd thing was that I opened my mail last night and found that the City had reimbursed me for 80% of the fees I initially paid for the permit. I was shocked. I fully expected them to keep it and I almost feel guilty they didn't. I mean, in the end it was maybe like $40 that they kept and I feel like whoever reviewed the plans and wrote up all the corrections surely did more than 40 dollars worth of work. The Husband told me to stop worrying about it. I guess I am surprised they are that honest to give me most of it back after I canceled.

And the yogurt I ate this morning, which had an expiration date of October, mind you, so it should be fine, has sent my intestines into gas production at ludicrous speed. Sure, I have a bit of lactose intolerance, but generally, yogurt is fine and it was fine all last week. But I guess the fact that it sat there over the weekend meant it was in a "perfect" state for my system. Now I am in that all-too-familiar-and-less-than-enviable state of Work Gas where you can't really let our your trapped air unless you really don't give a shit about your cube neighbors.

So much for my attempts at eating those yogurt cultures that are supposed to work wonders for your health. Works the wonders of flatulence for me.


  1. Glad you are back! I missed you! Let's see...I once sat by a crazy Patriots fan on a plane...Hope you get lots of money for your table and chairs..And try some beano!


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