I Actually Got Meme'd?

Thank you, Girly Stuff, for meme'ing me. I was beginning to think I wasn't meme-worthy.

Anyway, 6 random, unimportant facts. Well, I just did 101 seemingly unimportant facts but sure as hell I can come up with 6 more. When you're an only child, it's all about you. Yeah.
  1. I have a serious picking problem. Cuticles, face, etc. It's like a nervous habit or something. And being plagued with acne my whole life, it's really not a good habit to have.
  2. I can be a procrastinator, especially with the dusting.
  3. I cannot handle dishes in the sink. I have to put them in the dishwasher, ASAP.
  4. This weekend, I "floated" drywall mud for the first time (why? see plumbing problem. We will be patching holes for several months). If you are a perfectionist, never become a drywall installer. You will go mad trying to get the mud completely smooth and flat.
  5. I got these nesting cows in Italy - Bassano Del Grappa, on our trip back in May. My grandmother wanted to buy me something as a gift, so I chose these. There are too cute! See the dust? Ha!

  6. And. I like monkeys.

Now. Meme'ing other bloggers. When you, yourself, have not been meme'd all that much, having others to meme is likely a challenge.

So. I will meme the following three chicas:

Frankie, she who has likely been meme'd a million times as she is a veteran blogger, but hopefully still have more random facts about herself to extoll.
Amy@Cape Cod Makeover. I have been going through her archives trying to catch up (I think I am in Feb of '08 at this point), but she is doing an excellent job with her DIY reno of her previously dated 60's house.
Amy@RocketWife. Another Amy. She is super-busy with her wedding planning coming up, so, we'll see if she can find some time to do some meme-age.

And I would have meme'd potty-mouth Lis, who cracks me up, but then, she just meme'd herself with 6 facts, so maybe that would be overkill. Not that I didn't just give you 107 facts about myself. Right.


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