Graph Paper and I are Very Good Friends

Ok, here it is. Rather than go all technologically advanced and try to draw it in Visio, I got lazy and decided to scan my graph paper sketches. I just love graph paper - the perfect little squares are so good for drawing floor plans to scale.

Anyway, first picture is the existing. See how small this kitchen is? I mean, we purposely bought the smaller counter-depth refrigerator as we knew there was just no space. I know, why did we buy the house? Well, honestly, most of the houses we looked at didn't have big kitchens, either. Of course, they were a bit larger than this one, but still.

The second picture is my new idea that takes the nook and re-purposes it as the sink area. This plan is actually bigger than my original plan. The original one (can't find my sketch anywhere) knocked the refrigerator wall out for the addition and moved the kitchen into the new space near the dining room. Too bad that wall needs to hold up our house! Anyway, here is the new, and less expensive, and more expedient plan:

I decided to go with the non-island plan since I'll be able to leave the supporting beam completely alone (it's right by the seating area), hopefully bump a 2-foot hole/pass-through by re-routing the drain line which will then route back to the drain in the slab, thus no jack-hammering required.

So there it is. My plan is to start ripping up tile next weekend. I may try to finagle some friends to help us out. The good thing is that (a) we can start sooner rather than waiting 'til God knows when for the new "engineered" plans and the city's approval, (b) it should cost somewhere in the $10-12K range. Which is a heck of a lot less than $30K, so I won't have to get my knickers in a bunch over the hemorrhaging of cash.

I'll post of pics of my materials ideas later in the week as I think I have most of the stuff nailed down as far as cabinets, flooring, counters, etc, as concerned.


  1. It looks so good! It will one day turn out to be a good investment. My parents had a window removed, sheetrocked and bricked in. Not complicated. It will be nice to have a window above your sink. The island will be cool.


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