Rebates, Bikram, and Whatever

So, I was just reading an article on CNN about what people will do with the rebates they will receive from the gov, and the responses are pretty much what I expected. The majority of the people are not going to go out and buy some extra stuff - mostly it will go to savings or paying down debt.

Indirectly, paying down debt or saving may at least ignite a feeling of more "security", spurring them to spend perhaps a little more here and there. But I'm not sure that this additional spending is the level the gov was looking to get with this rebate.

All I can do is let out a big sigh. It feels futile. Most sensible people who read the news about the looming recession and have responsibilities like children and/or a mortgage, etc, will probably not be running out to use their rebate check unless they have oodles of extra disposable income which is unlikely seeing as the people making more than $75,000/yr ($150,000 for a couple) aren't going to be receiving the check (which is kind of bogus, seeing as $150K in NYC and Southern California is hardly a lot of money with you think that we have BIG mortgages). Didn't you just love that run-on sentence? Nice.

Anyway, we are in a recession, no doubt. We can only hope that it isn't too deep and doesn't last too long...

Sweating my Keister Off

So I subjected myself to some Bikram this morning and oddly enough, it felt great. Weird, right? I have been having some shoulder to neck pain from moving stuff (a lot of stuff) at work, and it was still stiff this morning. About an hour or so after finishing up the class I felt much less pain. Now, I'm not going to become one of those crazy Bikram-ites doing two classes a day. It's not going to become my primary form of yoga, but I do see merit to it as a practice.

Basically, I am not yoga snob. I actually enjoy pretty much all yoga, to varying degrees. I haven't found a yoga I didn't like, thus far. Svaroopa was perhaps only "eh" just because, when I took the one class, I was bored to tears after a while and was actually feeling internally claustrophobic (like my inside self was cooped up, it was weird). It was so damn physically still, yet it was not savasana. Besides the points where I was feeling loopy, but I didn't hate it. I would do it again -- perhaps next time trying to focus on breath and just being rather than wishing I was moving more.

Anyway, Sunday morning I am going to attempt to zip on over to the center (I have about 25 minutes to get there and it's a good 14 miles) and take the led first series. I am on a bit of a mission (a small mission) to improve on this whole first series thing. It's frustrating because I know that if I were to be committed to a 4-5 day practice (somehow pulling time out of my ass), I could accomplish like 98% there on the first series in 6 months or so. I am already decent except for jump-throughs and some jump-backs, and things requiring leg-behind head like supta kurmasana (and my lotus needs some work, its close). So, maybe if I can commit to like 2-3 days a week, I'll get closer (maybe taking a year instead of 6 months)...


This part I entitle "Whatever" because I want to say that to myself, but it's a constant struggle. I have a feeling that, this new class I am teaching, that the owners might prefer the new teacher (that just started at the studio) teach it. I am trying to detach from this situation because, really, what can I do except just give it my best? I am not experienced teaching Ashtanga. I have been doing the practice for some time now, weekly for over a year. I know the concepts, but it's not like I have experience. So I am trying not to think about it too much and accept myself. I took it on because I figured I could handle it and the fact is, they needed me to. There were pretty much no other options to put into that slot. Now I am getting this 6th sense/feeling that they wish they could retract it. I don't know. Again, so I'd like to tell myself "whatever," don't worry about it, it doesn't define you, you are a "divine being" (yoga says we are all divine beings).

Peace out. Time to start the weekend.


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