I Look Upon You, Red Pear, with Disdain

Bush says "Economy needs a shot in the arm".

I say, "Economy needs you, Mr. Bush, to leave office because you suck giant goat balls."

Thank you.

I am back from Pennsylvania - it was a big shindig for L's grandparents' 90th birthdays. The temperature yesterday was criminal. At one point around 10:30am, it was 9. Nine degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah. I'm so over it. I don't miss that cold one little bit. No sir.

As expected, staying at the in-laws was like eating four entire loaves of Wonder white bread. Completely bound up, I tell you. I can't figure out if it's the lack of fiber in the food I was eating, or that the emotional experience of staying with the in-laws makes me constipated. I don't know. All I know is that I now have the REVERSE problem. Fabulous. No, really. Whatever, I am still happy, happy, happy, to be back in Cali. You can't beat it.

I also decided to do a minor "cleanse" today, and do a fruit fast. Vacation eating usually make me feel like a sloth, so I figure I need a kick start. I am imbibing Ginger Yogi Tea which is quite good (on sale too, at Henry's, yay!). We'll see how many hours I last of just eating fruit. Last time I attempted it I made it to about 2pm before I had to eat some crackers. Today, I am allowing bananas into the mix, though they are not ideal in a fruit fast (looking for easily digestible fruits and fruits with more fiber). But I won't make it unless I eat something with substance and bananas have some meatiness. I also have almonds as a backup in case this fruit thing just doesn't cut it. Last time, I was getting lethargic after a while, so I figure, if I have to, almonds won't screw up my fruit fast too much.

And the hubby has MLK day off. What's up with that? Why doesn't everyone have MLK day off?! I don't get it. I have Presidents' Day off but I would much rather have MLK day. There are only a few presidents who have even a single respectable bone in their bodies, so, to me, MLK day is more important to celebrate.

Time to eat more fruit for lunch (this is quickly getting old).


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