Baddha Padmasana Came To Me Today!

Well, not perfectly, it was a tenuous connection to the right, lower foot, but still, I was grasping the big toe with my fingers. I have been about an inch away in Baddha Padmasana for several months now. I mean, likely the factor is that I am actually managing to practice first series once a week now (for the last few weeks) so, clearly, if I have some regularity to my practice, the asanas will come.

I sweat like a madwoman this morning. Tim Miller is away in Maya Tulum for teacher training, so Rich McGowan taught and he really is a great teacher. I think I might enjoy his classes more - he is really good at connecting with each person in the room, regardless of whether you are a regular... And I can only manage to be "regular" once a week, not enough to be remembered, really. But anyway, his adjustment are right-on and his "corrections" are quiet but effective. It's not often that he teaches classes I can get to, but I will have to look out for his classes when the schedule permits.

A secondary accomplishment this morning was two handstands via "bunny hop." I have yet to get that to be regular - I may be can achieve it on first/second try about 50% of the time. I want to get that closer to 70-80%, so this morning was an improvement to the %50, and that was midway through a rigorous practice. Yay!

Florida Polls Close in 2 minutes...

It's early, but Clinton is way ahead and McCain is fighting tooth-and-nail with Romney. It'll be really interesting to see what happens. I am more interested in the Republican side this time because the FL Dem delegates don't count due to Florida scheduling earlier than the rules. I am a little concerned that an ass-whipping delivered by Clinton could give her more momentum, since at this point I am backing Obama. With the Republicans, I am hoping Romney wins so that it's not in-the-bag for McCain. It would be good to have that race still open for Super-Tuesday on February 5th.

OK, Gotta run to teach my Level 1.



  1. Seriously? Baddha Padmasana?

    My upper body is so inflexible, I can't so this pose. I can do the legs part, but not the rest. That's awesome that you did it!


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