My Fourth Decade to Begin in 5 Months (Eeek!)

I just looked at my 401k from the old company and I have lost 8.4% in the last 22 days. It's hard not to get bummed about that. I suppose the only thing I can do is pretend that money doesn't exist and go about my life, but that is a chunk of change, my friends. Thankfully, I didn't put all my eggs into the 401k basket. Yes, I know there are tax benefits and in the long-run it makes sense, but at the moment I am putting a lot more money into our taxed money market. And I am not at all second-guessing it (we are nearly even of liquid cash and 401k reserves - in fact, I think 401k has fallen enough to tip the scales). However, seeing as we are in a "valley", it may be time to BUY while it's cheap, but it's a little hard to look at your near 10% loss, and then decide to throw more money into it. It's counter-intuitive, though it may be a gamble that pays off handsomely. All that crap being said, I am going with status quo. I am not being bolstered by the .75 % rate emergency rate cut. It scares the bejesus out of me, actually, that the Fed had to cut rates so drastically (biggest cut in 24 years). It makes me think we are definitely headed for some form of a recession.

Yuck. That kind of situation does not make for a happy Chacha seeing as I am OCD of the money hoarding variety.

4+ pounds of Fruit

I managed to complete an entire day fruit fast yesterday. In fact, I am still sort of doing it until lunch. I had an airplane package of pretzels this morning and a banana, so I haven't really eaten much but fruit. No, I didn't poop my brains out - in fact, I think it might have neutralized yesterday morning's problem. I am intrigued by the idea of doing a water fast, but I feel like I would pass out at my desk if I went for that. With a recession coming I need to be focused at the office (there goes my fatalistic financial outlook!).

Gym Yoga

My gym yoga teaching may be coming to a close soon which is what I have been wanting for some time now. It's kind of sad, in a way, just because I do have regular folks who attend my classes and I will miss their energies. But with gym teaching comes annoyance, like how last night some dude came in at the end of savasana to get a mat from the back. There was no zen feeling in me at that point. I looked at him, started shaking my head no, yet he still comes in, interrupting savasana (I mean, people are laying on the floor in silence and stillness - don't you get that it's not the time to barge in?). After he left, I apologized to the class and lamented that it is a gym, and sometimes we have to deal with this kind of stuff. After class, one of the dudes that comes to my class fairly regularly came up and asked me if I wanted him to go kick that guys butt, but that it would be hard after the class (seeing as he is relaxed from savasana, I guess, was his point). I complimented him on his arm-balances, since he is one of the few in the class that can do the harder ones, and he said that he only does them with me. I think he was flirting with me, which was hard for me to deal with since he was definitely attractive - that gym-going type of tall guy (ok, he was hot). But seeing as I am married, I can only take it as a compliment that I was perhaps getting shined on :o) Eight years ago I would have flirted right back, yes sir. I guess I am still fairly cute, even if I am approaching the big 3-0.


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