Wee Update

No pictures in this post so you are forced to read. I know, breaking cardinal blogging rule of not having pictures. When did blogging have such rules and when did reading words without pictures become abhorrent? Anyway.

Stupid Table.

Been plugging along over here. Table still has not sold. F.E.H. Patience, Chacha, Patience.

The Calorie Accounting Project.

Now this one is going well, I must say. I am down somewhere between 6 and 7 pounds - suddenly everything fits again and other stuff is loose. The first 6 came off like nothing, but I am thinking the last 5 are going to take a quite a bit longer. If I get to 109-110, it'll be a weight I haven't seen since 2003 when I was training for LA and San Diego Rock n' Roll marathons. Granted, it's still 10 pounds more than college, but to that I say: whatever. I know I have more muscle than I did back then and I refuse give up regular wine and beer to maintain 100 pounds.

The Old Chair.

Thanks to Good 'Ol Lou taking a giant whiz on my chair in the living room (guess who's getting neutered soon - I think it's time), I'll probably be tackling the dismantling of said chair this weekend. Speaking of Lou, we were forced to upgrade our wastebasket in the downstairs bathroom to one with a lid because he thinks all things found in there are treats, including tampon applicators. He's a winner, that one.


Aside from my posterior aching, running has been going well. I haven't really been following any kind of plan other than running long on the weekend and then squeezing in 3-4 miles once or twice more during the week (coupled with 1 hour of cycle class twice a week). Either the cycle cross-training or the recent loss in weight, has made be a bit faster as I, again, ran under 25:30 for a 5k on Sunday. It was hilly, hot (9am in Temecula is not ideal for running), and, unlike the last race where I had a half-marathon mileage base, this time the most I had run was 8 miles and I have done pretty much no speed-work. So, while it was 7 seconds slower than last time, I had way more strikes against me where I would have expected to be 30-40 seconds slower.


I've been diligently working on finishing up the molding around the back patio door (yes, more than one year later) and I am just about there. Finally. I think by tomorrow it'll be officially done. The next project we'll do before doing the master bath shower/toilet room is the downstairs bathroom. I want to get a little bathroom reno practice under my belt with a smaller project. It's not really THAT small, but it's generally cosmetic:

  1. Remove the old, recessed medicine cabinet (and patch drywall),
  2. remove 80s flourescent light box soffit thing and install vanity light (more drywall and some minor electrical work),
  3. Remove ginormous mirror and replace with smaller mirror,
  4. Make new shaker-style cabinet doors,
  5. Paint vanity cabinet,
  6. Remove countertop and replace with tile,
  7. Replace broken faucet,
  8. Paint walls,
  9. Replace fixtures.
OK, all written out, it doesn't look that small. Eh. It's still a low-risk project, whereas the master bath is higher risk so I want to start with the "low" to git some lernin' in. I am hoping to start that bad boy in the next two weeks. I still have 5% cashback to earn at home improvement stores this month on one of my credit cards and I have two Lowe's coupons so time is of the essence!


  1. I'm sososo lucky that Hugo targets my chair with wooden legs! He has tried to "claim" it more times than I can count :(.

  2. I believe the cross training is probably helping a lot with the running. I used to underestimate it, myself, but now I am a full believer.

  3. You sound busier than ever.

    What you really need to do is go vegetate at the beach. And take pictures for us. So there is proof.


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