Another One Bites the Dust

Well, folks, I must say that my pinching-of-the-pennies hit a new low yesterday. Seeing as I am what you would describe as a "bleeding-heart liberal" it has even shocked myself. But it is what it is.

I did half my grocery shopping at Wal-mart yesterday.

Yeah. I know.

Congress has not passed the unemployment extension, which means, we are done. No more cashola from Uncle Sam. Which, really, I'm not necessarily that upset about. Yes, we may end up running at a deficit given our current expenses (did I mention our mortgage is $3200?), but part of me thinks that more than a year of unemployment benefits is a lot already. Granted, some people have it worse where both husband AND wife are unemployed and also have children and they most definitely need that money. Beyond this, the reality is that unemployment is propping up the economy probably more than we'd like to admit. It allows people to spend a bit more and keep money pumping through local businesses. I really have mixed feelings about it running out. He's now applying to part-time retail jobs just to keep some money other than mine, coming in. I hope some of those pan out because with 10% unemployment, I think even the part-time $10/hour jobs are recieving lots of applicants.

Anyway, so, I succumbed to the Evil Empire's Cheap Goods. I think I probably saved $5+. Given that I only spent $39 total, it's a big percentage. Honestly, I had a long internal pause before deciding I was going to officially do food shopping there.

Example of their excessive cheapness. Bananas? 45 cents per pound. Local fairly cheap Henry's Market: 67 cents per pound.

Sliced swiss cheese (the real stuff, not the "Cheese Food" business): $2.23. Fresh and Easy it's something like $2.49 or $2.99, I believe.

I didn't buy any vegetables there, though I wonder if I should have because I got to Henry's and realized that I should have bought the avocado at Wal-mart for 50 cents rather than a full dollar and Henry's. I ended up skipping it entirely because I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for one avocado (I live a few towns over the the self-proclaimed "Avocado Capital of the World" - paying that much for one is just plain wrong. You can buy a bag of 20 for $5 on the side of the road).

As I was loading the car, I wondered if I was selling out and going to end up at a Sarah Palin rally and evangelizing about "Abstinence Only" as viable birth control. I know. Really. My brain is weird like that. I don't think I will fall down that slippery slope. I hope. One has to be careful of the power of Wal-mart.


  1. I shop at Walmart. It makes Andrew cringe.


    p.s. I wouldn't worry so much about the Palin rallies if you're shopping at Walmart. Because they totally sell guns there, right?

    p.p.s. Coupons and farmers markets are beautiful things. And totally pro-liberal.

  2. I do not shop at wal-mart. Why? Because Aldi's is cheaper. And I live on the island of poordom. I shop at Aldi's because a loaf of bread is 99 cents there. At Walmart it is $1.59. I need that 59 cents.

    I've been writing a shit ton of blog entrys about the Island of Poordom and life there. But I haven't typed them out. Perhaps I should start.

    I have my fingers crossed that good luck comes in your household and on speedy feet.

  3. Welcome fellow Walmart shopper. Once you have experienced their low prices, they have you by the balls.

    I used to coupon out the wazzoo to shop at Kroger's and HEB. Then I went to Walmart and spent less without the coupons. Ugh.

    Don't worry. Just think about all those people you are helping to employ. They are a major job provider I suppose.

    I hope he finds a job soon...maybe a really cool part-time job that opens doors he never even thought about.

    And Happy Belated B-day!!


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