Yes, We Have No Bananas

Sooooo. Husband has gotten zero bites, no responses, zippo. EDD in California is a holy mess. Tomorrow is one month since his lay off and we still have no unemployment money coming in. He has been calling them, but they don't always answer the phone (no option for hold, they just tell you to call back because too many people are calling), and then when you finally talk to someone, you get "disconnected." That was what happened this morning while I was getting ready to head out to work. Hopefully he was able to get through to them at some point today. The reality is, it looks like we're going to need that unemployment money to cover our bills. I have a little spreadsheet deal where I plan out each paycheck and each bill according to date. It's like a running tally. May is ok because it's a 3 paycheck month. June starts getting hairy. By July, we are short which would mean dipping into savings. If unemployment comes through, then we're covered. I can leave our rainy day savings - which probably should be called torrential down-pour savings - alone. I know it's there for these times, but I would prefer not to touch it, considering it could always get worse (like, neither of us working, or some major medical problem. Or both). I can't imagine those people that really, REALLY need that unemployment money to survive. I would be beyond livid at this point with this BS from the unemployment department. I'm already peeved. I'm sure they are probably overwhelmed, but the reality is, employers have been paying the state taxes/premiums for unemployment insurance. Now that it's time for people to collect on that insurance, they are balking. It seems like no one prepared for shitty times, goverment included. There's a lot of talk about consumers not saving and just spending, but it doesn't look like the government was saving either. Now it's impossible for them to save. Giant FEH.

I have a final round interview on Thursday afternoon with the company I mentioned last week. The programmer "exercise" wasn't all that difficult, so I body-slammed it. I didn't get the record time, but I wasn't too far off. Apparently someone did it in 50 minutes (why I even asked, I don't know - I actually asked if it was common for candidates to miss some of the questions because I was curious, and he then offered that information). I finished around 65 minutes or so. But I got everything right. He mentioned some didn't make it past the first part (which is ridiculously easy) so it made me wonder how long have they been looking for someone. And if the one guy did it in 50 minutes, why didn't they just hire him? Maybe he was asking for too much moola. Who knows. But anyway, so we'll see how that goes. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a waste of my time.


  1. Sounds hopeful about the potential new job!

    I hope it doesn't take much longer to beat the money out of the government. I hope he hears something soon.

    Does he know yoga? Could he teach too?

  2. "Final Round Interview" sounds promising. Maybe this job was meant for you!!

    I can't even stand dealing with the DMV, so I can imagine your frustration with unemployment. Just close yourself in the closet and scream your head off once in a while.

  3. What you're going through is crazy, but unfortunately becoming a reality for so many. I hope you get through everything. That unemp $$ should be coming in soon. It can take 6 weeks or more to get processed....


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