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First off, I forgot to give my two cents about American Idol. Last Tuesday night I was a re-dialing fool. For who? Kris Allen. Holy shit, could I not deal with that Adam Lambert dude. All that screaming. No thank you. I don't care if he is from San Diego, he belongs in an 80's Hair Band. It's not cool. And the media just keeps talking about how it was some kind of upset. No it wasn't. I must have voted like 100 times. So did my co-worker - she can't stand him either. In fact, I know of noone who though Adam Lambert was the hot shit that the judges made him out to be.

Alright, now that I have vomited that onto the blog, onto the job situations. The Husband has heard nothing from that one company he had an interview with. They made him take a pee test but haven't called any of his references. I told him to ping them Monday - better to look eager than nonchalant, in my opinion. As for me, well, I might as well have pooped a golden egg. Well, not entirely as we are not home free until The Husband gets some decent employment, but I got a verbal offer yesterday afternoon from the company I was interviewing with. Stepped out to work this morning and the offer letter was already sitting on my welcome mat - as the husband said "They don't f*ck around". I asked for what I made in my last job which is alot of money, in my opinion. They offered me 7% more than that. I was practically a giggling fool on the phone with my soon-to-be manager. At least he knows I am very happy with the package. On top of it, they are granting me a sizeable number of shares that vest over 4 years. Not options. Shares. I did the mental calculation after I got off the phone and nearly shit another brick. AND benefits start on day 1. So we either pay one more month of Cobra, or not pay the month of June (we have a 30 day grace period to make the payment) and then my benefits start up the middle of the month. So we would have 2 weeks of lapsed coverage which I think is not egregious. There is some deal with continuous coverage, I can't remember that the time frame is, but I think it's like 60 days or something. More than 2 weeks. It's $313, so it's like 1/3rd of the downstairs tile floor. It's significant.

However, by no means are we free and clear. It's sad to think that my salary, which is a sizeable, barely covers our bills. But the 3K per month mortgage is a monster. With both of us working, it's easy-peasy (in fact, we were approved for 700K, but went with a 530K house, so we were quite responsible about it), but on one salary, not so much. I can keep beating myself up about the timing of this house purchase, but I can't change it. It is what it is. Our house now, had we rented and saved our equity from the previous sale and then purchased it, well, the mortgage would be like maybe 2K. It's a very significant difference. But I am done beating myself up about it. I don't have a crystal ball. I am just lucky we're not stuck in the other house (worth 275K now and in '04 we paid 470K) commuting 70 miles each way.

Anyway, oh, and I am so not rooting for the Lakers. Go Cleveland - we need a miracle.


  1. Congrats on the new job and the awesome package deal. I'm happy for you. I know it's been a rough few months and the roughness is not completely smoothed out yet. But I'm hopeful it will smooth out and very soon. I'm always the eternal optimist when I used to be the external negative'ist. Is that a word? lol It should be.

    As for the home purchase and the timing etc etc. I talk myself out of checking every day to see how much our house is bleeding in value. At last check it was 18k and we purchased in 4-08after much of the depreciation. However, checking zillow now is like picking at a scab...I just can't let it heal over.

  2. Damn it...make that 21k. Be'jeezus...I better plan now to die in this house. ;-)

    Scab successfully picked off yet again!!

  3. Congrats on the new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great news!

  4. Hey, that sounds like a great offer. Congratulations! Great benefits, stocks...I'm jealous! And it sounds like this gives you some breathing room until the Mr is employed again.

  5. Congrats on the good news. Now it's husband's turn. I'm sure something will fall just right for the two of you.

  6. I'm so happy for you! I know husbands appreciate it when we can unload some of the pressure off of them. And your new job is going to love you!


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