Bring on the Funk

So, I am in a funk and I think it is entirely related to our work situation. The funk really began in earnest when everyone in the office went to a benefits meeting except me (since I'm a contractor). It just helped reinforce the situation in my head. And I looked at one of my coworkers paperwork for the health insurance options and I would be paying the same, possibly more, than what we're paying now with the COBRA subsidy. That didn't leave me with a warm-fuzzy. Nevermind that at this stage in the company's growth, there's no 401K either. As the sole earner, I feel like even full-time employment instead of contractor with my current job doesn't get me any closer to feeling more "secure."

No progress on The Husband's job search. He did finally get a hold of an actual EDD representative instead of a message-taker this morning and it sounds like he'll be receiving updated paperwork in 5 days. Man, I hope so. I had my 3 hours of interviews yesterday (30 minutes each, tandem no less, 3 sessions with two people each, 1 session with three people, and 2 session with just one person). I think it went well for the most part, perhaps half of one could have gone better, but I think maybe that's just the way he asked questions. I am still exhausted from all the talking (which, I am sorry to say, is the reason I didn't go to the school board meeting. I was FRIED by 5pm. I didn't have the energy to step onto my soapbox. I'll have to look up the outcome of whether or not June 1st will be Carrie Prejean Day [shudder] in my school district. Just writing that is ridiculous).

Anyway, so I think there's a good chance I could get it but then again, there's the issue of salary and this time around, I did not low-ball myself because I can't. I can't take less than what I'm making now. The people are all nice, though it's nothing like the start-up environment I am in now (two days this week I wore flip-flops. 75% of the office wears flip flops and shorts to work). The programming part of it doesn't sound as interesting, though the industry is cool. Benefits are great. So now I'm at this point where I'm starting to really want the job and I hate being in that mode. It's like being a girl that likes a non-committal, only-interested-in-sex boy too much. You know? And then if I get it, I am still faced with leaving this job where I've grown kind of attached to my co-workers. They've become my friends. I feel like I would be letting them down.

Don't get me wrong, it could all be worse. This is not me bitchwhining like "Oh Woe is Me, the Sky is Falling!" Really, we haven't had to touch savings yet (which is more than a lot of unemployed people/families can say), but we are hardly spending any money other than food and gas (honestly, our American Express card balance has never this low - maybe in 2003 before we were married and before I bought my first house). So I'm thankful for that, but I miss the time when I didn't have to painstakingly think about every single purchase I made. I can't even buy soap without wondering if maybe I should seek out the cheapest soap at like Wal-mart because maybe I could save 30 cents.

Anyway, on a totally unrelated note to the previous lamentation, don't ever buy high gloss paint for furniture. That purchase turned out to be a total waste, but since I bought the paint back in January I guess it hurts just a little bit less. I started painting my counter stools this week and decided to do a coat of turquoise under the red so I could sand the edges to have the weathered/aged look with the turquoise peeking out under the red. What a nightmare with that gloss paint. Nevermind that it would have needed like 5 coats, I don't see how you can get a smooth finish without a sprayer. It shows ever little brush bristle mark. And if there is just a little bit too much paint applied it drips down and dries like that. Flippin' mess, I tell you. After two coats I threw in the towel. Sanded it down, reprimed and decided to use more Home Depot gift card money on a quart of Glidden semi-gloss "Cranberry Zing" to go over the semi-gloss "Country Cottage". Hopefully I will finish two of them this weekend.


  1. I hope you get the job! It sounds like it went well. But I know all about trying to keep expectations low.

    I have resorted to spray painting as much as possible if I want it to look smooth. Remodel Guy did a post about it. He gave up rolling paint onto a cabinet and just went out and bought spray paint. Only way to avoid brush marks. Use a tiny foam roller if necessary.

    I am eager to see the red stools!

  2. Hey, good luck with all that interviewing. Breaking up is hard to do, but the coworkers will understand! I hope you get more money and the good benefits.

    I learned that same lesson with a $16 quart of Ben Moore "pearl" paint, which was not even suppose to be high gloss...what a mess. And I tried the foam rollers, but even that was not a smooth finish.

  3. I agree with you, getting attached to the IDEA of a job is difficult, especially when all they end up wanting was the sex. Disappointing.

    Good luck with the painting. We're pinching everything to the point where we aren't painting anything that actually needs it. No house stuff for us right now.


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