Baby Got SCP

You know you're a dork when you do cheer for yourself after successfully SCP'ing your scanned images from the Mac to your linux laptop. I am a dork. WI and Tooj do a dance to normal things like Baby Got Back. I do a dance when I do a Secure File Copy. Yeah.

Anyway, this is a combo post. I took some pictures of the kitchen and then found I was tagged my WI (and Girly Stuff, I am behind on your 8 things, so many 8 things - why do they make those memes so long?).

First things first, the prom picture. I found it - but it was taken at my childhood house. I did not cough up the money for one at the prom. Not to mention my class had 700 people so our prom was a little ridiculous in size which is why we only had a Senior Prom and no Junior Prom. So. Here it is. Back in 1996 when I weighed about 98 pounds. That dress fit me all the way through college then age caught up with me. Or rather, I caught up with 20 pounds of food.

Here is the latest state of the kitchen. All that really remains to do is hang extra wall decor and maybe put some cute, accent-y things around.

We finished the molding under the counter and cabinets. Also, hung the magnetic knife rack.

Hung the little IKEA spice rack and hooks on the rail, so I have all my square pot holders hanging up (in alternating colors - because I'm OCD like that).

And the sink area: hung an IKEA little dish drainer above the dishwasher, installed the molding by the windows, caulked and sealed everything, and installed new blinds.

Really, all that's left that is cheap is completing painting in the living/dining room and part of the family room and finishing the last coat of stucco outside. Oh and a small gutter repair. Oh yeah, and paint the stools red. So I guess I have some enough loose ends to tie while we wait for The Husband to find another job.

And on my job front (by the way, if you are also a Facebook friend with me (there are several of you out there), please don't write on my wall or anything about it, just because I'm also FB friends with current work people. Damn these social networking sites!), I did fairly well on my phone interview and I'm going back next week for more technical grilling. Man, do I hate that stuff -- too much stress! This time, though, I think I'll try to prepare a little better than last time.

Oh, and I have finally patched every last hole from the plumbing disaster - woo hoo! Finished the texturing this morning and next up is to finish painting the living room/dining room.


  1. love the prom pic AND the kitchen! it looks to work on my own.

  2. I'm not sure what all that tech-y talk means, but the prom picture is very cute! Do I spot sequins?

    The kitchen is beautiful. So bright and clean! I can't wait to see it with all the little red touches.

  3. The prom pic is cute! I am pretty sure those are sequins.

    The kitchen looks amazing! Straight out of a magazine! Little things make such a difference. I am glad you are tying up so many loose ends.

    I'll be thinking about you next week for your interview. I'm sure you will do great!

    Don't worry too much about the 8 it when you need blogging content. Or when your brain is tired.

  4. I think you should try dancing to both - BGB and the techy stuff! I dance to solid bowel movements, though, so what do I know? :) The kitchen looks GREAT. If you end up with free time on your hands due to the job situation, I've got a kitchen in dire need of help....


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