Enough with this Miss California Crap

Folks, it's no secret I am a bleeding-heart liberal. However, I am okay with Carrie Prejean saying what she believed when she answered the same-sex marriage question at the Miss USA pageant. It's cool, it's what she believes in. I think it's great that she said what she believed. It's her right.

Now, what I am SO NOT cool with is my school district attempting to proclaim June 1st as Carrie Prejean Day because she graduated from a high school in the school district. Seriously. The reality is, she had some questionable judgment with her posing topless at 17. I don't see her as a role model and I certainly don't want my school district trying to push their views on same-sex marriage. If and when I have children (and if we don't move), they'll attend schools in this district and I don't want any type of religion-based opinion pushed on them by the school district. It's not the local government/school district's place to inject political opinions on students/children. It's the parents' job, duty, and right to educate or NOT educate their children on issues like this. Perhaps I want my children to be OK with same-sex marriage. Perhaps I don't. Perhaps I won't even talk about it as an issue with them and let them decide on their own later in life. Either way - it's not the school's right to push this stuff.

[Big giant] BOOOoooo! If I don't chicken-out and have the time, I'm going to the public school board meeting on the 14th to express my distaste.


  1. AMEN! Puh-leez! See how far a pretty face'll get ya!

    She says one public thing against gay marriage and now she's a poster child for conservative issues? I didn't know about the topless thing and don't really care, but can she have a few more years before we hand out a life-time achievement?

    (And, I'll add, I have yet to be honored by Pasadena ISD of Texas!)

  2. I just saw Miss Cali on the Today show with Trump (who is giddy about all the press she's getting.)

    Al Roker was snickering over her alleged "wind and wardrobe malfunction" story.

    Its OK, b/c Trump says he "examined the photos very carefully and determined there was nothing dirty about them...and that they were beautiful."

    Is there a bigger pig out there than Donald Trump? I doubt he'd say the same thing if MY top fell off.

  3. If it made Trump money, he would yank WI's top off in a split second!

    And I'm pretty sure WI not getting knocked up or killed in Pasadena ISD is reward enough!

    So which day is Prejean Day? I need to plan our trip to the parade.


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