2012 Lake Miramar Cinco de Mayo 5 Miler

I had initially decided two try to squeeze two races reports into one and then decided that (a) I am lazy, (b) that’s a shload of words, (c) the act of writing just the first third got super boring, (7) you would be bored, (ii) decided to split into two posts per usual and just do bullet points.

Lake Miramar 5 Mile course:

Fullscreen capture 582012 71304 PM.bmp

  • Mile 1: 7:00 (errr, maybe I went out too fast)
  • Mile 2: 7:07
  • Mile 3: 7:16
  • Mile 4: 7:13 (at 3.1 realized I had just PR’d my 5K)
  • Mile 5 (0.95): 6:56 (I ran some good tangents on this course)

Official Finish Time: 35:36 – New 5 Mile PR! (7:07)

Other Race Data You May Care About But May Also Not Give A Rat’s Ass:

  • 3rd Female Overall (of 13)
  • 12th overall (of 45 – obviously this race was heavily male)
  • 2nd in Age Group (got a non-descript medal, interesting little diddy is that pro triathlete Lesley Paterson came to run the race as a hard workout. 1st female, 2nd overall, and 1st in 30-34. 5:44 pace. Just a hard training run. NBD.)

Other Thoughts:

  • Saucony Kinvaras without my insoles/orthotics are working well for races and speedwork 10K and less.
  • I would have gotten a cute sombrero for 1st place AG but, alas, super fast lady demolished us. 2nd and 3rd overall got zippo.
  • Though I went out a bit fast in the first mile, overall I felt good and didn’t crap out in any of the miles.
  • The course elevation profile was friendly, so that helped. Though it did have some tight turns and baby rollers.
  • I plugged the time into the McMillan calculator and it gave me some scary sh*t back on equivalent race performance times. To which I responded with “Liar, Liar, pants of fire!”
  • And then secretly thought that there could be some shred of truth to the idea that I could run 1:39:xx half on a favorable course in favorable weather with a good taper.
  • Overall, it’s a cute little mid-week night race (6pm) benefitting a local high school cross country team. Race fees are super low (I paid $12 with my SDTC discount), there was water and food at the end, and most people get some kind of age group award because the race is so small.


  1. So. freaking. fast. Damnit, I'm slow.

  2. You are ridiculously fast. But for real, I'm like 8 inches taller than you and sooo soo much slower. How do you do it?? Do you have long legs?

  3. It's all about the quick feet. Do you notice that you are taking a million more steps than other runners. I've had that pointed out to me often lately that my foot pounding makes the long stride people nervous because there is too much of it, and it makes them feel like they should be taking more steps (i.e. moving faster than me).

  4. Yeeeaaaahhhhh!! Dude, you are going to crush Oside in November! If you are at 35:xx now you could be at 33:xx by then. Daaaannnngggggggg Speedy! So awesome :)

    You can run a 1:39 half. Fontana? Orrrrr run the SD Half next year. Its a PR course even with the giant hill in the middle.

  5. Great job! Did those turns feel as tight as they look? Sheesh...


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