Some Observations

  1. J. Crew wooden clogs from 2002 are not good train commuter shoes. Especially when your train regularly leaves 30-60 seconds early. As in, BEFORE the time they post on their official schedule. I think the conductors must take sadistic pleasure watching people run, frantically, with all their bags, coffee, etc, flying everywhere to get to the train that is leaving AHEAD of schedule.
  2. Knitting EIGHT of the exact same scarf for the last 6 weeks might be a scene from one of the levels of Dante’s Inferno. I have never wanted to be done with an Etsy order so badly in my life. I don’t think I will agree to this kind of bulk order again. I am on 50% done with #7. So, I still have another full scarf to complete. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.
  3. Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Monday, at least some portion of the population took the day off as a long weekend so you don’t have to deal with them out on the road. By Tuesday, everyone is back annoying you with their slow-poke driving (can you tell I’m still not over almost missing the train this morning?) and you still have four more days in the week.
  4. A couple weeks ago while watching TV, The Husband said “why are all cute girls annoying?” Talk about setting yourself up! I jokingly said, “So, what you are saying is either I am not cute, or I am annoying.” But I totally get his point. Not that all cute girls are annoying, but it does seem disproportionately skewed to annoying. Which leads me to the question: do other people think said annoying pretty girls are in fact, annoying, but because they are cute they just overlook it?
  5. Running the “long run” 60-90 seconds slower than half-marathon pace actually makes it enjoyable. I know. Shocker. As usual, the last 2 miles of the 13 I was ready to be done, but the first 8 were downright fun! I can’t say I’ve been enjoying my long runs recently, probably because I have been pushing too hard.


  1. Love that you are hating on Tuesday. The only good thing about Tuesday is The Biggest Loser...and that is almost over. Great!

    Is it that cute girls are annoying or that young cute girls just say dumb annoying ish? Hmmmm.

    Glad to hear the long run was, gasp, fun!

  2. I can't imagine knitting 8 of the same ones! That would be quite intense! I hope the rest of your week goes well!

  3. love these observations! I am 100% with you on tuesday traffic (I commute 30 miles each way...every day...ugh) -- but I have a different take on cute girls. I always look at singers who have mega-talent, and I'm like HOW DID THEY GET THE GOOD END OF EVERY STICK??!! They have amazing voice, AND they're gorgeous!? Which is to say, I think cute girls often seem to have all sorts of good things going on, in a type A kind of way.

    lastly, that's exactly why I love halfs and full marathons -- because they're aren't sprints! I've never done anything less than a half...

  4. try your long runs in the ocean. seriously! fun. FUN!



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