I Have No Shame, But What’s New

Oblivious to the fact that there are other people outside in the neighborhood, I just walked outside the house to get something out of the car with green alien face. A tool amongst many in my arsenal against this whole acne-in-my-30s bullshit. I recommend the green clay mask if your face produces enough oil to fry up a chicken leg.


Anyway. So, the weekend was productive.

1. I finished these and shipped them off on Saturday! Hah.Lay.Lou.Yah.

2011-05-21 07.35.50

2. The Husband (with a little help from me, but 90% his credit) fixed the constipated water softener. Two fresh 40 lb bags of salt and our water is back to soft. As much as the slick feeling of the water is a little weird, it is so much better. I don’t have to waste several minutes in the shower trying to coax suds out of my bar of soap.

3. We also have the Master Crapper back (sorry, there’s a lot of poop-ish references today).


No more late night half-asleep internal debates about “how badly do I really have to pee? Is it worth the trek?

4. I did another 13 miles yesterday at an easy pace (easy for me, 9:30). I was supposed to do 9:38 per SmartCoach but 9:30 was the end result.  I also tried an interesting endurance fuel alternative. I alternated a clif blok and half a medjool date.

I used to hate these things, but last week while my in-laws were staying they bought a container. I tried them again and they are so good! Sure, they look a bit like a cockroach, but they are tasty! They have as much carb-sugar as a clif blok and a buttload of potassium (more than a clif blok). What they don’t have a lot of is sodium. 10mg per date. A block has like 26 mg. So, I think I may not use them exclusively but maybe rotate with the margarita salty clif blok flavor. Using natural fuel is appealing to me. Hopefully the 3 grams of fiber per date to not induce unplanned mid-run potty breaks (more poop talk).


Bachelorette tonight! Thanks, hauterunningmama for the reminder!


  1. AHHH AWESOME RUN GORGEOUS GIRL!!!! You are going to do hobble creek?!?! I WILL TOO (either running or cheering and we will have to meet wahoo!!!!) I need to try dates, natural fuel is the best!

  2. i loved using dates for fuel! I am going to do that again as i start ramping up my long runs.

    my parents have soft water and my hair is so great when I visit!


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