Officially Jumped the Shark

Biggest Loser. I think it has finally completely Jumped the Shark. What the crap is that show doing? I am writing mostly about Ana Kournikova.

When did looking like an emaciated goat become the ultimate fitness goal?

Some people are naturally super-thin – there are lots of people in the world like that. But they have looked that way their whole life and no amount of eating changes it much. That is not Ana Kournikova. She looked a whole lot different when she was a regular on the pro tennis scene. She did not look like Skeletor. I am 100% disturbed that the producers of the show think that she is a good fitness role model. I was seriously sitting there on the couch with my mouth hanging open staring at all the tendons and ligament looking things poking out of her body. Am I the only one thinking this?

Anyway. Today is the last day of the work week – woo hoo! I’m taking tomorrow off to hang out with my best friend of almost 28 years who's coming to visit from back east. We are running a 5K on Saturday in the boonies of the IE. I haven’t run a valid 5K since February 2010 (the one I ran back in September was .25 miles short!) and I am itching to see where I’m at, time-wise. I think I’ll also break in a new pair of Brooks Ravennas, too. I decided this week that the 400 miles on my current pair is the max. They are feeling pretty worn at this point. How long do your shoes usually last for you? 400 miles for me, is probably the most I’ve ever put on a single pair.

I have been diligently trucking through my SmartCoach plan – the only thing that is weird to me is that there is only one rest day before the race, and the taper is not very taper-y. And by that I mean, the mid-week mileage is only 1 mile less. I tend to agree that you don’t need a whole lot of taper for a half marathon, but the last week of this plan seems a little much. To me, only reducing total mileage by 1 mile is pretty insufficient rest. I don’t think I’ll do the last 4 miler on Thursday. My legs are tired from this higher mileage business. I am having way more aches and pains than I normally do when running 20-ish mpw. I think even taking that one extra day off will give my legs a little break so that they feel fresher. If I am just dying to do something, I may jump on a bike or elliptical for 30 minutes, but that’s it.

How much taper (if any) do you do for half marathons?


  1. I one million percent agree that the Ana K. decision is CRAP. How is she qualified to be not only a trainer but a therapist for the contestants. She is STICK THIN. I really feel like this was a move to increase viewership since Jillian is leaving. Boo boo boo.

    For the Safari Park half tapered down to 50% of my weekly mileage. It felt weird but it must have worked because I PR'd. My taper for RNR has been forced to nearly no running. This freaks me out big time. I want to try smart coach for AFC. When I input my info the last time I thought it seemed like the recommended pace was extremely slow. Did you feel like it was slow at first?


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