The Two “Yutes”

We are heading to Yute-ah tomorrow morning and I had deluded myself into thinking the drive was like 6 hours but, really, is closer to 7. I am running the Snow Canyon Half Marathon on Saturday morning which is supposed to be  scenic with the red rock and such. I was lured in by how downhill the course is, but now I’ m apologizing to my knees in advance. Look at this shite:


Miles 3-6 are a bit on the WTF side. 8% grade at one point. Um. What in theee hell was I thinking? I have run some steep hills before, both up an down, but generally the length of the steep hills is not long. I feel like 8% is kind of a lot. No? Well, I just mapped a hill around my house and I am good with like 6-7%. But not for 3 solid miles.

After that we are headed to Zion National Park where we will be “roughing it” in a tent at a campground with flushable toilets but no showers. Shower option is to go outside the park to a commercial/private campground and pay $5. Holy Expensive Shower. But considering the camp site is $18 a night – we’re saving some dough and I’m hoping to get by on just one paid shower in two days. Stinky much?

I’m not sure what to expect of St. George. An anecdote from a co-worker’s buddy who owned a house there was that if he had two houses – a house in Hell an a house in St. George – and had to sell one, he’d sell the house in St. George. Doesn’t sound like a glowing review of the city. Nevermind an abundance of cheap-ass lodging (and I mean cheap, like $35-50 a night). I hope it’s at least scenic to overcome what will probably be a stay at a dilapidated, dated motel.

But most importantly – they have a Cracker Barrel!!! I have a not-so-secret love affair with Cracker Barrel. Love, love, love it. I don’t care if some consider it just a hair above Dennys quality and the food is artery-clogging unhealthy. I still want to marry it.


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