I’ve Finally Done It

I’ve fallen off the Etsy cliff. I’ve done opened myself a “store” to hock my crocheted (and nailed/glued soon to be constructed) items.

Some of the “thingies” I’ve completed and you should totally buy [wink, wink]:

Picture 027

Picture 017

Picture 008

no_Picture 002

It’s supposed to rain here this weekend – I’m hoping we’ll have one morning rain-free so I can get my 12 miles in. I have no desire to do 12 on a treadmill at the Y! (I know I can run in the rain and won’t melt, but then I have to get a poncho and/or run without music which on long runs is not ideal).


  1. Now why do you have to go and open up a shop when I specifically cannot buy for myself??? I'm loving that green scarf. Keep it around for after xmas when I CAN shop for me. :)


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