Because I am the Queen of Holiday Decoration Procrastination, I spent Saturday evening carving up a storm and roasting seeds. I got two pumpkins 2+ weeks ago from Fresh & Easy (2 for $5!) and I finally got around the doing ‘em up this weekend.

We hunted around online for some cool free carving stencils and the only ones I really liked cost $1 each. I am too cheap for that, plus I am a decent copy-cat pencil artist. Give me a drawing and I can generally replicate it pretty well.

I finished this one quickly – like 20 minutes.

2010-10-31 19.26.29

This guy, was my piece d’ resistance. As soon as I got the idea of carving an owl, I couldn’t consider any others. It took an hour or so to do. My owl on a creepy tree branch:

2010-10-31 19.26.15

We harvested the seeds from the pumpkin and made Sweet & Spicy Roasted Seeds, and Curried Roasted seeds from this recipe. Sooo good. Addictive! At least I’m getting my daily fiber. But my jaws are kinda tired from the chewing. I feel like a cow chewing cud or something.

For the Trick or Treaters, we ended up camping out with the neighbors in their driveway watching the Steelers game. So, at times, certain kids didn’t realize there were two families in one driveway even when the other person would hold out candy – they were oblivious once the got the first treat. Other kids were totally on to it and would go down the line to all the adults (even those without candy) trying to maximize their haul. I am guessing we got 200-300 kids. A house down the street does a crazy haunted yard thing and apparently there was a 5-10 minute line to go in. When I say my neighborhood is crazy about holiday decorations, I am not exaggerating. We even had ah-hoc fireworks. Really.

Running shtuff – I did 10 miles on Saturday, 1:29:39. I had wanted to do 11-12 but when I got to 5, I knew it was not my day. We had rain in the morning so I didn’t get out until 9:45am and then it got hot, fast. So, I accepted the 10 and hopefully it’ll be enough for this Saturday’s race. My last long run was Long Beach – which means 3 weeks time between my longest run and race day. Two weeks is better. Hoping that won’t bite me in the ass. If I survive Death by Political Robocall. Martin Sheen called me at 9am Sunday morning. I hung up before I could hear what he was calling about.


  1. Holy amazing! That owl is FANTASTIC! Nice job

  2. I cannot WAIT for these elections to be over so they stop calling! One. more. day.

    I say do LA County, but I'm just being selfish, hahaha!

    AWESOME pumpkin carving, girl! And I think 10 miles is awesome...I haven't run an inch since Long Beach. :-/

  3. I feel bad...we didn't carve a single pumpkin this year. I'm such a bad mom. :( I did spend all of Saturday making their costumes though. Does that count? Next year we'll do two pumpkins per kid!


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