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I’m sitting here in front of the Macy’s Day Parade recovering from my 5-mile Turkey Trot with a cup of roiboos tea, slightly procrastinating the cooking of the Great Meal. It was cold like back east this morning (35 degrees at 6am!) – we had ice on the windshield and had to sit with defrost on for 5 minutes since who has a ice scraper in San Diego?! Anyway, I managed to eek out my goal of breaking 39:00 – I finished 38:50 give or take a few seconds (that my unofficial Garmin time). I was bargaining with myself around mile 3 that breaking 40:00 would be ok, but at mile 4 I realized that if I ran under 8:00 for the last mile, I might be able to get in under 39.

On the menu for my most favorite-est holiday (seriously, I get to run a race, hang out with my family, cook, eat and drink vino/beer to my heart’s content), is the best stuffing recipe eva. It involves chestnut, prune, and pancetta stuffing. But I don’t get pancetta because it is the Prada of bacon (like $10+ pound). But the Coach of bacon is good enough (I got center cut). My dad usually is my sous chef but he is sick so rather than him be Typhoid Moe I’ll have to recruit different help this year.

Zee Menu:

Turkey, of course. A little 10 pound free-range one from Henry’s.

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

Chestnut, Prune, and Pancetta Stuffing

Parmesan-Roasted Butternut Squash

Skillet Greens with Crispy Shallots and Cider Gastrique

And some pre-bought desserts from Fresh & Easy.

That’s all folks! Gotta go cook now (and drink some vino!). Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I have a feeling my husband would much rather eat your food than my family's. We're more "standard" and traditional, and he loves getting to taste new flavors, and special dishes.

    I hope your Turkey day was fantastic. :) Happy Sunday night!


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