You Don't Have to Arrest Me

The mystery of the sunglasses was solved last week. We had dinner with at my brother-in-law's place on the drive back down from Santa Barbara, and I swiped them there. My BIL's buddy apparently has a habit of leaving his sunglasses and the house so had he not left them there I would not have grabbed them. See how good I am at deflecting. The HZ mailed them back since the good 'ol postal service will get it to LA in a day and driving it up there would be more annoying and cost more.

On to the bathroom. I drywall-mudded my ass off this weekend - made some decent progress.

Only eighteen-hundred-thousand more coats to go. Ok, like 3-4 coats. But still. I have already done 3 so I'm not so happy about the additional 3-4. This is what happens when you are not super OCD about getting the drywall joints level. And when you patch with too many pieces rather than large contiguous pieces.

And, I figured out what I'm going to do with the massive mirror that I'm taking down. By figured out, I mean, stole someone else's idea.

(photo credit:, via Young House Love)

They made it out of old mirrored closet doors and weathered pallet wood. I have two old pallets sitting in my garage so all I'll need is some mirror adhesive and a sheet of sturdy plywood. I also have to figure out how to further weather my pallet wood - I think there is some formula of vinegar and baking soda or something to weather wood but I'll definitely do some online research for that.

The Halloween puppy got his first bath this weekend, and Good Lord, the hair he lost. That dog sheds acres of fur. And it's black so it blends with nothing. While he was getting the shampoo rinsed off, I was in the kitchen and heard him whining through the ceiling above. Nikki doesn't enjoy baths either but she never cries! Leave it to the boys to be incapable of sucking it up. Afterwards he ran around the house like he had taken several nodoze chased with double shots of espresso.

And finally, I have finished my first crocheted afghan. It is by no means perfect. It's kind of not a true rectangle - it's wonky. But you only notice if you spread it out. The pictures of it are "eh" because I used my phone and the lighting in the morning was not ideal. The sucker is heavy.

I also turned out 6 miles Sunday morning. 8:38 pace. Less than a week til the Long Beach Half!


  1. HAHAHA I gave our dopey dog a bath this weekend too and he totally flipped. "Nodoze chased with espresso" - Couldn't have said it better myself!

    I love the look of that mirror, make me one too, please? The post office will have a little more trouble than the sunglasses, but maybe they can get it down here to OC in one piece?

  2. We need to figure out how to dry wall and mud stuff. We're going to need to fix a LOT of things in that regard before we ever think about selling. Boo to house repairs.

    Can't wait to hear how that half goes. I might go cheer on TO's soccer coaches (they're sisters) in the half and full they're running this weekend. It's either that or a parade. All depends on how much driving I feel like doing.

  3. We took down our bathroom mirror too...scariest DIY project to date.

    I'm putting it in our closet. I like your plan better.


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