Why I am Sometimes an Idiot

My day job is software. Writing code, talking about writing code, reading code, talking about application requirements for the code. This has been pretty much my day-to-day life for 10 years.

And there are some obvious side effects to this other than your standard wonky slightly-carpal-tunneled wrists.

The latest one (aside from the occasional dream I have where I am actually part of the code and am running through it like I am living in a debugger – yes, I have had this dream on more than one occasion), is the fleeting thought that I can just “undo” anything. Including real-life physical things like writing on paper, or doling out too much flour in a recipe, or cutting yarn to short. And then I realize the insanity of what I am thinking.

There is no “Control-Z” for that spilled wine on your shirt.

imagesCtrl- -Z

It’s probably happened 2 or 3 times in the last week. And each time I mentally call myself a Douche and question my sanity.

DVR is another example. I have gotten so accustomed to the DVR that sometimes when I see the dogs do something funny, I think, for a split second: “I’ll just rewind that so I can show the HZ.”

And then I mentally smack myself in the head.

Seriously. Does anyone else think this stuff? Or am I the only wacky one? (I admit, the code dream thing is weird – if any of you have had the debugger “I am the code” dream and you are not a programmer, you are definitely a freak. I am probably a freak, too, but at least I have actually used a debugger).


  1. Ummmm, I had a dream about work where I was in another VP's group. But that was probably just wishful thinking since I detest my current boss. What a B. Blah.

    As for you being the code...maybe that was more a slip into your "running" persona?? (just trying to help you feel less freaky.)


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