Are Legwarmers Still Cool?

I think if my legs were as speedy as my fingers I would probably have qualified for Boston and NYC ten times over. Typing, piano, doodling, drawing, painting, sewing, and crocheting. As an toddler (I think maybe 18 months old?), my mother said on of my favorite things to do was to sit on the table with two-liter soda bottles just unscrewing and screwing the caps on and off. Fast, chubby, little hands. What a little weirdo! Hmmm. I’m still kinda weird. And a shorty. So… still a valid moniker.

So. (Did you notice I love the word “so”?) I have blurry, crappy photos for you from one of my guest rooms – the only room with a full length (dusty) mirror – of my latest creation which I bravely decided to wear to work today (we have a liberal dress code but leg warmers are always, well, potentially pushing the envelope, though if we were a marketing/design firm, this would be fair game! I’ll just pretend I’m an infinitely cooler version of Chacha who is actually a  graphic designer rather than a dorky programmer and can pull off leg warmers). Longest parenthesis wordage ever.

2010-10-26 08.18.23

2010-10-26 08.20.54

Seriously, I think I am going to make a foray into the Etsy business. The price for legwarmers on there is like $20 minimum and they aren’t even as cute as mine. Really. I would happily take $20 for a pair I make. With gusto! And the cowl neck scarves on Etsy? Also pricey and I would, again, take $25-30 and mine are just as cute, if not cuter! Who hearts herself entirely too much?


  1. Miss Chacha! Look how cute you are! I like your gray leg warmers. If you're going to do Etsy, I vote for the arm warmer things, though. Do you know what I'm talking about? I love those, though I don't actually own a pair since I live in Florida.


  2. I love your leg warmers. I vote for the arm warmer thingies. I live in So Cal so you'd think I wouldn't need anything like that but I always end up working at places that LOVE having the AC blasting and I tend to get cold easily. I'd buy them if you sold them on Etsy!

  3. Fingerless gloves. That's my request.

    I love me some leg warmers and yours are very cute!


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