Not All About Running

Lest you think  I have dropped all things house-related for all things running-related, I assure you this is only 50% the case.

Yes, the shower project is still not complete – but when you  have two other full baths in your house, it becomes less of a necessity to have the third one 100% functional. Not like when you remodel your kitchen and you go cat$hit crazy because you’re tired of microwaving and eating off paper plates. Unless your Portuguese-American and have two kitchens.*

* I grew up in a heavily Portuguese town – they immigrate there for the fishing industry – and the majority of their houses had two kitchens. And also two living areas, one of which was never used with sofas covered in plastic.

The latest thing going down on the house front is that we got a ton of stucco fixed up (not by us, stucco is something  have zero expertise in – had I been home during the repairs I might have watched them do it for future reference but the whole job thing). It looks great. And now that we got that done we’re painting the whole house.

Mulling over colors:



The Husband is leaning towards the “Ripe Wheat” (on the left).  I am fine with both, really, but there is a house down the street that kind of already has a similar color to the one on the left. It’s going to come down to trim color and how it matches up.

It’s not going to be cheap, but, if we’re stuck here in this house (because it’s underwater) might as well slap some lipstick on it and pretty it up.


  1. Girl, I have NO idea which color you should pick... but I did come over to your blog to say "thank you!" for your comment on mine. I am havin' so much crap with this running/eating thing. Who knew it'd be so hard? Anyway, thanks for the input!

  2. I like the yellow! I wish we could paint our house a pretty color like that, but the home owners association takes all the fun out personalizing your home.

    I donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They only require 8 inches, if that helps you! I ended up having about 9 inches cut thanks to my husbands bad snip. Don't give your hubbie the scissors when it's your turn ;)


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