More Ragnar & Race Schedule

Yesterday, we had a little beer and pizza date with whoever was brave enough to show up and meet other internet weirdos.


Surprisingly there were 7 of us and no one died. Though I whole-heartedly tried to kill them by talking their ears off.

OUAL, Hauterunningmama, SkinnyRunner, 365 Day of Awesome, Faster Bunny, & PrettyFittie.

Five of the 6 ultra ladies – which was cool – I think it’s going to kick some major ass. Provided we don’t all kill each other after 27-ish hours. That and if we don’t get abandoned on the side of the ride by the driver because he’s had enough of no-sleep+confined-smelly-space+blogging-chicks=dude-in-hell.

I have no pictures of said meetup because I am the anti-blogger. If you ever need advice on how to lose readership, I am your person. I also take notoriously bad pictures (seriously, no one can make a more stupid unintentional facial expression in a picture than myself. I wish I were kidding).

Anyway, so Next Races! (registered)

October 23rd – Temecula Half

November 6th – Del Mar Iron Girl (5K)

November 13th – Mission Inn Half

November 24th – Oceanside Turkey Trot (5m)

January 20-something, 2012 – Carlsbad Half

February 26th, 2012 – Tough Mudder SoCal

April 2012 – Ragnar


October 30th – Operation Jack

December 4th – Loma Linda Holiday Classic 15K

February 19th – Lost Dutchman Marathon

March 2012 – Oriflamme 50K

Time to go get 13 miles done before heading up to LA to hang out with my favorite old coworkers.


  1. P and I are running the Temecula half too!!! Yay I believe there are only 250 runners, kind of cool right?

  2. Hey Chacha!! (my fellow ragnar team mate!!)

    I've got Mission Inn half on the calendar!! I hope I see you there girl!! Love to meet you and say "HELLO!!" :)



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