No More Peeing in the Dark

I’m sitting here all relaxed from a quick jaunt to the Bare Escentuals store to get a refill on my foundation where the sales consultant gave me a quick 5 minute color match and fresh application. For some reason, I feel all “aaahhhh” inside now. Maybe this is why people go to spas and the salon. I could fall freaking asleep. Thankfully I managed to corral my urge to buy unnecessary products and just walked out with the powder.

Anyway. So I’m sure this post title is throwing you off. Remember the little bathroom project?

Yeah, I know, procrastination to the max. Well, the master bath is in dire need of a gut (and I mean it, paint crackling, drywall getting moisture, issues, etc), so, we are ripping it off band-aid style. Next weekend is demo weekend. I felt that I really needed to start wrapping up the downstairs bath a bit before starting the master, and, for the love of God, get a light installed in the bathroom so that you don’t have to pee in the dark or use the crappy-ass tiny table lamp that at least let you see where the TP was but nothing more.

I did basic painting in there (all the large areas, and not the trim yet) in gray on Saturday and then Sunday afternoon (after my 2 hour long run in the morning) we installed the fixture:

Picture 002

Picture 005

 Picture 007  

I get giddy every time I go in there and flip the switch. Let there be light! So that I might wipe my ass correctly!


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