Manila Rope Monkey Fist Giveaway

How's everyone doing? I'm doing a giveaway of something I made with some rope, glue, rocks, and elbow grease. I won't be offended if you think it looks like a giant turd and decide not to comment.


I saw this post and my little crafty DIY heart skipped a few beats. I have seen a couple of them in Grace's fab beach house a few towns south of my humble abode and wanted one or two or seventeen of my own. The idea of saving some moola and making them myself was most excellent.

Really, the project cost me nothing. I have a Home Depot gift card from my Amex points so I used some of it to get some 3/4" manila rope. Except I got all worried that I would screw it up and asked him to give me 18 feet of rope. I really only need the 12 feet the instructions noted, if not less. Here is the big guy:

I hated the idea of wasting 6+ feet of manila rope so I made a little guy:

I am giving him away. If you want him, leave me a comment before Friday, July 9th, 11:59pm, Pacific Time. I will pick one at random (provided a get more than one comment!) using that random number chooser website everyone else uses the following Monday. Though I could just write a Java program to do it and might even be faster than looking up the website because I am a super-dork. Make sure that you have an email address linked to your profile or leave me your email address in the body so I can get your shipping address. Also, I will only ship to US and Canada because I am paying it out-of-pocket and you have heard me bitch about the moola. I can't afford to send this thing to Siberia. So. US and Canada only, pleeze. Muchas gracias.


  1. Love this rope! I know just the spot for it if I win!

  2. I would love to own this when I'm at the end of my own I still have hope. I would deem it the hope rope.

    And THAT is precisely why I won't win. *sigh*

    you crafty bitch! (said with all the love in the world)

  3. If I won, could I steal Kristy's idea to call it the hope rope? That's a great idea and something I really need right now. LOL I might give you a mention on my blog for this give away if you're cool with that...

  4. Hi there, new friend! I'm over here from Tooje's place and I AM IN.

    I love DIY projects... and I always see something on the shelf and think "I can make that for cheaper" so I'm pretty sure I'll fit in perfectly around here!

  5. Groovy! That would look cool in my new living room :) You are good.


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