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So, it seems that either my face likes to break out once a month with cystic acne OR if that isn't happening (as MUCH) I'll get a fat-lip mucocole. I was thinking earlier this week: "My, this is a decent month for my acne - cool!" and then I woke up this morning with a swollen lip (it's not really noticeable - only be me if I look for it, but I can feel it). Right next to that slightly fat lip is a painful cyst-zit-thing (not like huge and visible, luckily). The left side of my chin has been expressing a low-grade ache all morning, to the point where I'm taking my cold diet coke can and sticking it on my chin for relief.

Fun, right? When did I enter puberty again? And if that is the case, then shouldn't I be 95 pounds without knee pain and a mortgage? Feh.

Last week I decided, for whatever reason, that I was going to start observing what I was eating. Actually, I think it was probably the result of seeing some pics of me that someone posted on FB and feeling like my weight has been creeping up and up. I hate that about Facebook. You get tagged on some nasti-ass photo of yourself and it's momentarily bums you out - not that I'm that superficial about my looks (because I'm not - I spend about 15 minutes getting ready in the morning and that includes showering). But it's annoying. Anyway, it's not like the creep up has been huge, just little a bit every year. If it continues, combined with age-related metabolism slow-down, I'll be overweight before I'm 40 - a pound a year is probably the gain I've seen since I got hitched. Really, for my height, I should not be any more than where I am now which is hovering at 120. I think my knees would be happier running at 110 (which is still more than 10 pounds more than when I graduated from college).

So I started entering every dang thing I eat along with all my exercise and activity. On an average working day where I don't workout, I have maybe 1700 calories I can eat. And you know what? I realized I was easily eating that and usually more. Two pints of beer is like 500 calories! I was doing that several times a week. I had to consciously eat less to stay at that number of under it. I was surprised, honestly. But clearly I have been eating 300 calories or more every day for years and probably have only gained the bit that I have because I train for races every few months. But it's not all that fun to bust your ass 20+ miles a week training for a half marathon and not lose anything (when there is some to lose, even if it's just a few pounds). Now I realize it's because I was just eating more than I should be.

Speaking of running, I've been roped by some pals into running the Long Beach Half marathon in October. I've always wanted to do that race - it's nice and flat with great scenery. And then I volunteered myself into doing a 15K on July 4th. Back on the runnin' wagon!


  1. Maybe you need a strictly wine diet...no beer. Is it lower in calories?

    See, you just gave me another reason why FB sucks. I am composing a top ten list.

    Hope you feel better soon. Seeing that you live out in the California, isn't it mandatory to be on some wheat-germ diet??

    I bet Tori and Dean are...ha!

  2. The wonderful running wagon. I'm jealous, definitely. I won't be on it again for about a year. Gotta nurse this baby and then running again!

    The acne thing - I totally sympathize. I'd like to say mine is pregnancy hormones, but it's been an issue in between babies too. I can't figure it out. HATE IT. It's actually better right now at 8 months prego than it was before I got pregnant. Strange stuff.

    I hope that you get it all figured out for you. I think our eating habits actually have a lot to do with the acne as well..so you might look into that. :)

  3. So Rick and I have been fighting a battle against termites...hang with me..this will go somewhere relavant (sp?) Anyway...the battle has included the termite guy coming to our home and spraying the reworked (redone) walls of the room where they had been camping out. He advised me that the spray was safe for humans and that he sprayed it on his childrens faces to fight acne.

    What is it?

    Heavily salted water. So heavy that when it drys it creates a hard crust of salt ...much like that on salted fish etc. A crisp wafe of salt that when termites nibble...KILLS them instantly.

    However, I was curious....and I bought a generic salt scrub (ie cheap) and used it on my face. And voila....acne much improved.

    Now I hate asshats that give advice...and my fight against the termites might have paid twofold for me....but please take my advice with a "grain of salt".

    hahahaha....I crack myself up!


  4. p.s. I meant wafeR not wafe...and I didn't scrub my face...I merely slathered it on and allowed it to dry....once a week. Acne much improved.


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