Puppy Pictures

The video is 384 mb - 284 megabytes larger than the limit and I'm too lazy to edit the video with software (that I would have to download, etc, etc, etc). Instead, here is a bunch of pictures of the puppy with his older "sister" hanging out with him. He's a bigun for 12 weeks.

(Lookin' all relaxed)

(passed out)

(They seem to love the stairs)

(Chewing on some cardboard - you can see the nail-hole patches on the baseboard, still need to be sanded and painted)

("Good Sit!")


  1. San Diego to San Francisco would be fantastic. I think Florida won out on this front because we so desparately rely on tourism for the majority of the state's income. If people who visited Disney could travel in such a short and easy way to Tampa and St Pete...it would bring Mickey visitors. It's also so needed to allow people to travel for work. Our highway systems are seriously struggling....(just like I am sure Cali's are!) I hope it all goes well and is profitable so that other states can mimic it.


  2. I can't get over the cuteness! He looks like he gives great cuddles :).

  3. Hey! Vortex indeed! I'm slowly getting caught up, though.

    That new baby of yours is too cute to NOT be naughty. Look at him...he knows he's cute, posing like that.

    I'm jealous of your new water heater!

  4. I find it hilarious that you point out the house repairs in pics totally unrelated. LOL


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