2009 Recap

Edit: After re-reading this post I felt compelled to fix it because (a) the tenses were all over the place, (b) the formatting is a bit off, and (c) I said I wouldn't bitch much and I totally did, so I have to take that caveat out. Here goes.

I really can't say it was the greatest year, though it could have been worse. But I will still bitch about it because that's what I do. I am the Queen of Complaining.

January 2009 - Kitchen remodel continues

January 20, 2009 - Did the happy dance.

February 9, 2009 - Got laid off group-meeting-style with 70% of my coworkers. Started feverishly looking for a new job.

February 14, 2009 -Installed a new patio door to replace the broken 1987 original sliding door.

February 23, 2009 - Went to Houston to visit friends and also meet Girly Stuff and Woman Interrupted (who has since gotten sucked into baby-care vortex - where are you, chica?).

February 26, 2009 - Started working a contract job at a start-up after much hemming and also hawing.

March 2009 - Discovered that my former HOA sucks and falsely reported me to collections. Spent time and money fighting to get it off. Finally free of it a few months back. Butt-heads.

April 12, 2009 -Bought a new car (VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI) to replace our Nissan Sentra 130K+ miles. Timing of this purchase proved to be bitch-worthy.

April 14, 2009 - Husband gets laid off (see?) and we are stuck paying Cobra for health insurance (contract gig = no benefits).

April 15, 2009 - Saw The Boss at the Coliseum for the first time. Admitted to The Husband that Bruce Springsteen rocks.

Early May 2009 - Get called out of the blue by another company looking to interview me for a full-time position (upon which I, again, pontificated on ad naseum).

Late May 2009 - Get the job offer and decide to go for it 'cuz Momma's gotta pay the bills and get her herself and her huzband some health insurance that doesn't cost a mortgage payment. Contract job then told me to take a hike immediately after I kindly gave them two weeks notice. Decided to paint my parents' condo during my unemployment because I can't keep still.

June 13, 2009 - Ran a 10K in Idyllwild at 6000 ft altitude which was not fun.

June 15, 2009 - Started the new job.

July 2009 - Started tiling project that is still going (as I write this I am currently waiting for some sealer to dry before applying second coat). Went to see Coldplay down at Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre in Chula Vista = biggest parking lot exodus nightmare of all time. Replaced the downstairs toilet.

August 2009 - Started up with learning the guitar again and picked up a used Baby Taylor from a pawn shop.

September 2009 - Went over to the crazy side and purchase a brand new piano with cash while husband is still unemployed. Eh. Demoed the fireplace.

October 2009 - Installed wood flooring in the living room/dining room! Replaced upstairs toilets with water misers purchased from some lady who had 226 new-in-box toilets in her front yard.

November 2009 - Ran the local turkey trot and decided that my sorry ass is going to run a half marathon in 2010, three minutes faster than my best time. Finished all but the mantel of the fireplace.

December 2009 - Continued running and bitching. Finished my fireplace project by building, staining, and installing a new mantel. Built and installed shelving in office closet. More baseboard action.

Phew. There's probably more but that's all I can remember at this point. Resolutions for 2010? Nope. Don't do 'em because resolutions can be made at any time, like the learning the guitar and the training to PR in a half-marathon - had I waited until today, I'd be that much more behind! Make resolutions whenever you feel you need them!


  1. Very nice recap....well, nice as in tidy, together, and concise. LOL Maybe not nice as in what happened, per se. Woman Interrupted certainly did fall into babycare blackhole, didn't she? Hopefully all is well...from her few scarce posts, she seems to be. Happy 2010 to you.

  2. Holy moly you had a busy year! Congrats on the 10k!


  3. Febraury 23 was by far your best day ;)

    You were definitely busy. If you aren't running in marathons you are grouting something.

    I am glad the extended unemployment hasn't made you guys too crazy.

    WI had computer issues in the midst of breastfeeding dilemmas. She is now the proud owner of a new laptop and has no excuses left. She is looking all skinny and sassy too.


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